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Nov 6, 2007 04:42 AM

Lewes, DE

Looking for a nice place to go to this weekend. Four kids. Any recommendations?

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  1. I suggest Jerry's Seafood on Second St.Places I have heard good about are Striper Bites and Fish On,but I havent tried those.Jerry's I can vouch for,their fish and chips is a stunning piece of haddock about 10 inches long and beautifully fried.

    1. The Buttery is very nice and does an excellent Sunday Brunch. Cafe Azafran is a good mediterranian inspired bistro but has only a few tables. Fish On is pretty good. 2nd Street Grill is quite good. I'd check out their menus on line to determine which best suits your tastes.

      Striper Bites has great ambience but I'm not crazy about the food. The owners of Striper Bites also recently opened Half Full across from Azafran. It's a cute litte (very little) pizza place and wine bar. I think they have a great wine list and great pizza too.

      1. This post may be too late, but I would like to second Cafe Azafran. Very unique menu for Lewes. My wife and I's favorite choice is still Striper Bites. We love the ambiance and the food. Gilligan's on the waterfront is usually a nice choice as well, although it's probably too late to sit outside! Second St. Grill and The Buttery are two great choices if you're looking to go more upscale.

        1. As a local personal chef. Azafran would be my first choice for casual fare. The Buttery is also great for upscale dining. Half Full is also a good casual place. Jerry's Seafood is not a favorite of mine. Lewes is beautiful these days...hope you enjoy a lovely weekend here.