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Nov 6, 2007 04:29 AM

Hallowell Lunch?

I'll be in Hallowell, Me for a meeting next week. Can anyone reccomend a good lunch spot?

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  1. If Slate's has reopened, it is a nice option. Does anyone know?

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    1. re: madisoneats

      They do limited service from their bakery (with tables outside when the weather allows). You may want to try the Liberal Cup or the Chinese restaurant with the water views (the name is escaping me), both of which are casual and good.

      1. re: CandyGirl13

        Slate's has not re-opened. The "Rising Grill" did serve outdoors in evening thru October but no longer. The bakery has soups and pre-made sandwiches only.

        I highly recommend Liberal Cup for way above average pub food. There also is Cafe de Bangkok for good Thai. Avoid Lucky Garden (Chinese referred to above). Hattie's Chowder House has good lobster stew.

    2. Ditto to all suggestions of The Liberal Cup. Beer is superb, food gets more interesting all the time, and is always reliable.