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Nov 6, 2007 04:18 AM

The Helmand or Ambassador Dining Room?

Some friends and I are looking at a place to get together for the holidays, just to celebrate and enjoy each other's company. We have limited our choices to either The Helmand or Ambassador Dining room. I've heard great things about each. We're primarily concerned with it being moderately priced and casual-to-business casual atmosphere. If you had to pick, which one would you go to? Appreciate the help! Thanks!!!

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  1. I've been to both, and if I had to choose I'd choose The Helmand. It has the atmosphere you described, and I prefer the food there.

    1. I agree with sistereurope. Food at the Ambassador is only okay, even if the atmosphere is lovely. The food at the Helmand is some of my favorite in town.

      1. I like both. I like Helmand better.

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          I need to agree with the above posters. If you're going for atmosphere, it's The Ambassador hands down, but the food is just mediocre. The food is fantastic at the Helmand, and the atmosphere is 'nice.'

        2. Guess I'm in the minority then. While I do enjoy the food @ the Helmand, the menu is smaller and thus, more limiting than the Ambassador. Plus, I really love the the space of the Ambassador, I find the Helmand to be a little more cramped and noisy.

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            I agree, Helmand = noisy. Not the place I'd go to catch up with friends, in that respect. You do get better food and better value at The Helmand.

          2. I'd go with the Helmand in the winter, since the best time to eat at the Ambassador is in the summer when the garden is in full bloom. But, really, either one is a good choice, especially if you are dining with vegetarians. And if you go to the Helmand, please oh please try the pumpkin appetizer. It is so good.

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              The pumpkin definitely is a must-have, as are the lambchops, IMHO.

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                All of the comments are accurate. helmand has better food and value, but, in good weather, The Amb is a lovely place. I have also had service probs there