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Nov 6, 2007 03:27 AM

Killington Area anniversary dinner - please recommend

Our second home is in Killington Vermont and that is where we would like to celebrate our 10th anniversary. We are willing to travel in any direction up to about 40 minutes as we will be (hopefully) leaving our kids with a babysitter.
I have always wanted to try the Jackson House and Hemingways - however this would be a splurge for us and I do not want to be disappointed. Hemingways has taken several hits on size of portion and just being overrated. The Jackson House with new ownership - possibly slipping. Simon Pierce would be about as far as we would want to travel - but should we just try that for lunch sometime with the kids ?!
We love the Corners Inn and Cafe Provence - been to both many times.
We love good food - but are definitely not foodies - not sure I would go nuts over Quail and I don't really like Fois Gras - but just about everything else. Nicely prepared fresh seafood would be a requirement.
Would anyone have a suggestion for a special place that is currently serving up its best somewhere near Killington ?

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  1. How about the River Tavern in the Hawk Inn & Mountin Resort complex?. Up on Rt. 100 in Plymouth. Nice mountain atmosphere, kind of semi-dress up, but not stuffy. I call it "mountain dressy". Good food & wine list.

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      Hi Gio,
      Thank you so much for the suggestion. Unfortunately I sent my parents and sister/husband to the River Tavern two (or three?) years ago and they were very disappointed. They also thought it was quite expensive for the quality of food. I do think they have had some Chef changes and I haven't kept up. Perhaps for the better ?

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        Oh gosh. I'm so sorry. Every time we've been there, we've been quite satisfied. I would have recommended the Cortina Inn a few years ago but not now. Ugh was the adjective of choice last year when we were there. However, directly across Rt. 4 from the Cortina is a hotel with a French restaurant. I can't remember the name. We were there last winter with friends from Montreal and the food was remarkable. You could drive by and take a look..... There's a huge fireplace in the dining room. Makes it nice and cosy.

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          The hotel across from the Cortina is Mountain Vew Lodge in Mendon. That's where the restaurant is.

    2. How about the Birch Ridge? I hear it is very good.

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        Thank you Madisoneats for the suggestion. I too have heard the Birch Ridge is excellent. I am wondering if I am being silly to eliminate Hemmingways or the Jackson House for such a special occasion. Would anyone put a definitive recommendation of one or the other with a recent experience ?

      2. We had an anniversary dinner at The Vermont Inn several years ago and I enjoyed it immensely.

        I don't know if they're still as good as they were back then, but back then it was wonderful. :)

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        1. re: Morganna

          Hi Morganna,
          I have heard the Vermont Inn was wonderful. Unfortunately I also know that the longtime owners have sold within the last few years so I am uncertain how it is holding up.

        2. Can you go as far as Rutland? The Mountain Top Inn in Chittendon is a great, semi dressy place that we love....

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          1. re: jspear

            Hi jspear,
            Sure - we drive well past the Mountain Top going to Brandon to Cafe Provence. That is certainly a place I haven't considered as of yet. THANK YOU. Do you know if it is in the same category as Hemingsways or the Jackson House ?
            We also used to like the Huntington Inn in Rochester - but like so many in the area - I believe that has changed hands as well.

            1. re: kcandee

              I have a funny story about an Inn that used to be right on Rt. 100 in the center of Rochester. I think it's an assisted living facility now..........

              For lunch we ordered 2 burgers, fries and 2 beers. Order came out in pretty good time, but with no ketchup. Waitress padding all around the room delivering other orders. In one of her fly-bys DC asked for ketchup. She comes out of the kitchen with 2 other orders, and the ketchup bottle cradled in the crook of her arm. She puts one of the plates on our table, takes the bottle and puts it between her teeth to open it. When we cringe,,,,she explains, "well, I only have 2 hands."
              We laughed for weeks about that. Vermont. Gotta love it.

              1. re: Gio

                I'm not familiar with the other restaurants. The view is worth the visit here. The food is familiar but they always have some interesting additions to the menu. Tables are beautifully set with china and silver, it really reminds me of an old New England fare. If you go, please let me know what you think.....jim

          2. Another place to consider is the Red Clover Inn in Mendon. It has changed ownership but at last report still had the same chef, and he was very good. It is on Woodward road past the Cortina inn