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Nov 6, 2007 02:58 AM

Ba-Tampte pickled peppers in DC area; kosher markets

I may be misremembering, but I could swear I once found pickled red bell peppers with the Ba-Tampte label in this area. I think it was at a kosher market in Wheaton. They tasted quite a bit different from the more commonly available Italian marinated red peppers.

I can't even find mention of them on the web--perhaps Ba-Tampte doesn't make them anymore, if they ever did.

Giant seems to have a good selection of their other products--half sours, sauerkraut, pickled tomatoes, etc. But if you know of a pickle you think is better than Ba-Tampte (and available in the DC area), would you share the name and where to find it? Most other supermarket brands are disappointing, although I do have a taste for Nathan's horseradish pickles, which I can find sometimes at my local Safeway.

And can anyone recommend a good kosher market in Va. or DC? Sort of a Jewish A. Litteri's? (Nearby Md. would be helpful, too.)


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  1. There are no kosher markets in Virginia or in DC. There are 4 in the MD suburbs -- 2 in Rockville owned by the same family (Kosher Mart), Shalom in Wheaton (w/Max's restaurant next door), and Shaul's in Kemp Mill w/a kosher restaurant and bakery across the parking lot (owned by others).

    1. Not a kosher market, but I've seen the Sweet Wonder Peppers at Snider's in Silver Spring on occasion.

      Wegmans has a fairly large kosher grocery section and kosher butcher/deli counters.

      For a great pickle, try the Rosoff half-sours they sell at BJ's.

      1. Wegman's has a large selection of pickles, and may even carry Ba-tampte. Also, Rodman's in DC or MD may have them, and if Ba-Tampte is no longer making them, Rodman's probably bought them on close-out years ago.

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          Wegman's does indeed carry Ba-tampte. They are my mother's favorite brand of pickles so I always pick some up there when she comes to visit. They are in the kosher refrigerated section.

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          1. IMHO BJ Pumpernickles in Olney has a very acceptable "pickle bar" with a variety of items including sour, half-sour, tomatoes and kraut.

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