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Nov 6, 2007 02:31 AM

Looking for a Good Pre-Opera UWS Restaurant Near Lincoln Center

I am going to the Metropolitan Opera with friends this Friday Evening. Does anyone know a good restaurant within 10 blocks of the Lincoln Center which is moderately priced (in the range of $40 - $60 per person for entree + appetizer).

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  1. You might look into Telepan, which generally gets good reviews - I'm assuming that your price will not include alcohol?

    1. Telepan is fantastic. Had dinner there last month and really enjoyed everything. Definitely avoid Gabriels where I had pre-opera dinner a month ago and was very disappointed. How about Compass also? Have not been in years but used to like it very much and have heard good things on this board about it.

      1. I am always recommending Telepan, we love that place. With an appetizer and mid course (or possible entree depending on your choice) you could make your price point.

        1. There are many options by now but a few quick thoughts:
          - Landmark in the Time Warner Center. Big, food is reasonable (though some gripe it lacks the charm of the Tribeca location).
          - Second Telepan.
          - Luxembourg on 70th Street is a neighborhood standby.
          - Though I haven't tried it, Cassis on Columbus around 70th has gotten some good write-ups.
          - The nth UWS win bar ( just blanking on the name) is at 69th and Broadway (Northeast corner more or less). They service some decent food.
          - Compass also on 70th street is more expensive, but they have a quicker and cheaper menu in their lounge.
          - Many people consider La Boite en Bois on 68th near Columbus a hidden gem. I haven't tried it.


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            I have been to both Telepan and Compass before Lincoln Center performances and preferred Compass. They have some sort of early bird special, I believe. I also like Citrus Bar and Grill on 75th and Amdsterdam--not really fine dining but delicious food nonetheless and fun atmosphere.

            1. re: abud

              I too second Compass and Telepan. You can google their menus to see which you would prefer.
              For basic Italian which will get you in under the $60 mark, try La Fenice on 68th & Broadway. (my neighborhood standby)
              Across the street from the MET are also 2 very popular restaurants with the before-MET crowd: Fiorello's and Josephina's.
              Enjoy "Zauberflote."

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                Telepan and Compass are solid recommendations. I believe Compass also has a pre-theatre option that comes in at $30, so you might even come in a bit under. The poster who recommended Landmarc also gave you a gem of a rec if you don't mind walking a wee bit.

              2. re: bombaybeauty

                I think you are talking about Barcibo for the wine bar at 69th and Bway.

              3. One place that doesn't get mentioned often in these Lincoln Center rundowns is the Italian cafe Nick & Toni's on West 67th between B'way and Columbus. It's more expensive, and much better and more pleasant, than La Fenice and far less frenetic and easier to get into than Fiorello's.

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                1. re: JoanN

                  Joan is right.
                  I always forget Nick and Toni's.
                  Definitely a good possibility.