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Nov 6, 2007 01:41 AM

Help me choose places for group dinners (~50 people)

Hi all --

I'm planning several group dinners for work, and was hoping for some ideas for places.

The first is for a series of three relatively fancy dinners for approximately 50 people at a cost of less than $65 per person (or so). We will have a speaker, so a private room would be important. Ideally some alcohol would be included. A fixed menu would be fine, but not essential. Some ideas I had (though I haven't fully looked into price or the presence of a private room for all of these): Tapeo, Metropolitan Club, Fugakyu, Oishii Boston, East Coast Grill, Stella, Legal Seafoo, Rocca, Hammersly's, Pho Republique, Duozo, Eastern Standard.

The second is for a series of many (>12) more casual dinners over the winter for approximately 50 people at a cost of $40-45 per person. A private room is less important, but would be nice. A fixed menu would be fine, but open menu or limited menu would work too. Some ideas: Jae's in Brookline, Public House, Elephant Walk, La Morra, Rocca, PF Changs, Eastern Standard, Gaslight, Pho Republique, Petit Robert, Duozo

Proximity to Longwood/Fenway for all the dinners is a plus, but not essential.


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  1. The Blue Room offers Private dining