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What is good at Porto's?

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Will be in the area tomorrow afternoon. Besides the cheese danish, what else is worth checking out?

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  1. The potato balls for sure!

    1. The potato balls are called Papas Rellenos.

      They have a seperate case of warm and savory goodies there--that's what I go for. Ham Croquettes, are like the Papas Rellenos, other savory delights. They'll sell you a cuban sandwich, but nothing compares to the Medionoche sandwich at ... where is it--somewhere on Paramount Boulevard in Paramount of Downey... Anyway, you're going to Portos, so I'd suggest comming hungry for lunch and snuggling up to their warm savory baked goods.

      1. The potato balls!! Also, the meat pie, and the ham croquette
        I also like their opera cake, fruit tart, mango mousse cake (they're good and cheap ;> )

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          I'd second the fruit tarts. The big sizes have the most variety of fruit, but the mini ones are a good way to finish off a meal.

        2. The chocolate cake there is unbelievable!! Yes, the papas rellenos, too. I also love the empanadas. The guava pastries are the best ever and always a huge hit when I bring a box of these to my office. mmmm

          1. If you plan on eating lunch there, get the Medianoche Preparada.

            The medianoche itself is ham, roasted pork, & Swiss cheese served with mayonnaise, mustard, and pickles on a toasted sweet roll. But the "preparada" has ham croquettes on it as well, and is the way to go.

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              ooh, i'll have to try the preparada next time. i usually only get the medianoche.

              it's all about:

              - papa rellenas
              - medianoche
              - guava cheese danish
              - cafe con leches

              damn, looks like tatertotsrock and i have somewhat similar tastes. hehe!

            2. Order:
              2 potato ball
              2 meat pies
              2 croquettes
              2 guava cheese danishes
              2 cafe con leches

              and bring it all to me...thanks!

              Bottom line, "what's not good at Porto's" should be the questions.
              Order everything and enjoy!

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              1. re: tatertotsrock

                cheese rolls (or whatever they're called) definitely

              2. You can't go to Porto's and not have their Potato balls. Very good and a must.
                That said, if you're having lunch and are into pork, a few Cuban style sandwiches to pick from. If you're like me and don't care for pork, you can try their Ropa Vieja (sp?) sandwich. So good and tender. Served on a soft french roll bread.
                Also, another must for me is their cheese Guava pastry. YUM!!!

                1. -potato balls
                  -ham croquettes
                  -guava cheese danish
                  -tres leches cake
                  -medianoche sandwich

                  And that's just for your first visit!! Ha!! Enjoy!!!

                  1. Thanks everyone for your suggestions. No one mentioned Caesar Salad....well, I was pleasantly surprised today at how good it was. The romaine was very very fresh and crispy, and the dressing creamy and flavorful. Better than the pricier versions in some upscale restaurants. We weren't hungry enough to try everything but we liked our sandwiches a lot. Since I have to make a weekly trip to Glendale, I'll be sure to sample through all your suggestions in the weeks to come.

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                      I agree with the potato ball suggestions! (YUM) I'm also a big plan of their plaintain chips with the garlic-ky sauce.

                    2. Let's not forget pineapple cheese danish and, of course, if you get a chocolate croissant while it's still hot, you will die of pleasure.

                      1. SPINACH CROISSANT!!!!!

                        1. along with what the others say, def the mango cheese cake and the pina colada bomb. I also love the medianoche.

                          1. The only thing I would travel there for are the small ham croquettes!

                            1. Based on this thread, I made a trip there while driving past on the 134 yesterday. I can't say I understand what the big deal is. I got a potato ball, a meat pie, a medianoche preparada, and a guava cheese pastry. The sandwich was pretty good, the pie and potato ball were sort of generic, and the pastry was okay but nothing to write home about. I'd probably eat there again if I was hungry, on a budget, and in the neighborhood, but it's certainly not something I'd drive out of my way for.

                              I will say that it is a good deal: the sandwich was around $4, and everything else I got was under a buck.

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                                you didn't get the cheese rolls

                                that is your problem

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                                  You know what, I wasn't going to post on this thread bc Portos has been done and re-done here. But I must agree, Porto's is not all that. I started going there many years ago when it only occupied the bakery side, so i'm not exactly a newbie to Porto's.
                                  The sandwich breads I've had there are dry. The enitre Cubano is dry: dry bread, sometimes the dry crumbs fly into my throat and makes me cough; dry pork. The guava in the pastries are overly sweet. The plantain chips are boring. Cant' comment too much on the potato balls since I don't eat beef, but the rest of it is, well, so what. I guess all the flavor must be in the beef. I've tried a lot of the pastries and some sandwiches, and everything is just ok or not too good. I do, however, really like the cheese pastry. Plus the prices are right and if I'm in the area, I'll continue to stop in. Really like the vibe there too.

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                                    I agree. I love potatoes, so the potato balls are a favorite of mine. But only when hot, and even still I won't drive all the way to Porto's just to get them. Everything else was just okay, the cakes are on the sweet side for me, and I got a half dozen things but don't remember anything. I would definitely go if they were in the neighborhood, but a 30 minute drive? Nah. I get my potato ball fixes when other people go.