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Nov 5, 2007 08:29 PM

Cheese Plate/platter style Help in SF

Hi I need a place that will put togther a cheese plater and some other items for a snack wine and cheese meeting I have around 5 PM. This is for a meeting I have tomorrow and I need a place I can pick up a relatively civilized plater for a non foody group but want something relatively good and presentable. I will be serving some wines as well.

Somewhere starting at Arkansas/17th to Montgomery/ Pacific will be my travels. I was thinking maybe the new Whole Foods on Rhode Island but looking for other options.


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  1. bi-rite has a good catering selection and did a good job for the two events i used them for. one of the items i chose was a nice artisan cheese platter--very nice, including yummy humboldt fog! will deliver too if it's not on sunday.

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