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Nov 5, 2007 07:07 PM

pre-opera dinner for ten!?

i'm attending the san fran opera saturday night with nine friends and we are looking for a restaurant with good veggie-options that takes reservations. looking at the price range of $10-$20/entree. we'll be kind of dressed up so decent ambiance is a plus (although there ain't no shame in wearing a tux to mcdonalds). i'm totally new to the area and only know of a chevy's and CPK around there. please enlighten me! thanks in advance for the tips.

summary -- looking for a restaurant that:
o seats a group of ten
o takes rsvps for saturday early evening
o price range of $10-$20 per entree
o good vegetarian options
o within walking distance of the san francisco opera house

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  1. Would Vietnamese be okay? Bodega Bistro is a nice option in that area. I've done groups bigger than ten there. Atmosphere is a cut above the more barebones Vietnamese places in that area.

    Bodega Bistro
    607 Larkin St, San Francisco, CA 94109

    1. I was going to suggest Absinthe, but I just looked at their menu to refresh my memory, and they are probably pricier than you're looking for. But they're less than three blocks from the opera house, they take reservations, and the restaurant is big enough that I'm sure they could accomodate a party of 10, so you might want to check them out.

      Another option is Indigo, which is a little less expensive but is also a smaller restaurant, so I don't know how they'd handle a large party. They have a prix fixe menu, which can help keep the bill down (assuming that you'd be having appetizer and dessert anyway).

      Or you could do what I do when I'm looking for a dinner reservation for before the opera: I go to Open Table and check for any restaurant in the Civic Center neighborhood that has something open at the time I want. That helps cut down on calling around. Be warned: this is one part of town where it can be harder to get a reservation at 6:00 than at 8:00, at least on opera or symphony nights.

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        i have been really impressed y indigo's ability to quickly deliver high quality food for large groups. we had a work function there and were all pretty stunned when they whipped out entrees for 17 people at once, with all the food hot and delicious.

      2. thanks -- you've been really helpful!

        1. I had a similar request about a year ago and have attached that thread for your review:

          As I reported at the end of the thread, we ended up going to Il Borgo and had a lovely meal beforehand. Their pastas were very good, and from what I recall, there are a decent amount of vegetarian options. The place is sort of small but charming, and they strung a few small tables together in the middle of the room to seat our party. It was CASH ONLY then.

          If that doesn't suit you, then there are some other good ideas listed. You can also search for "opera dinner" on the SF board for a ton of old threads.

          Il Borgo
          500 Fell St, San Francisco, CA 94102

          1. Indigo is probably at the upper-end of your price range. But it is deffiitely worth considering. The food is certainly quality and well above average in value.