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Nov 5, 2007 06:29 PM

Two 19 year olds for the weekend

My younger sister and her friend (both 19) are coming to visit for the long Veterans Day weekend and I'm looking for some restaurant suggestions. I live in Alexandria but we'll be going up to DC, so location really isn't an issue. They are relatively picky eaters (I know they wouldn't do Indian, Ethiopian, etc.) but I'd like to take them for a Saturday night dinner near Georgetown as we'll be shopping there and perhaps a Sunday brunch. Need places that are not stuffy or dressy (they'll be in their typical college-wear). Price really isn't all that important but don't think it'll be an issue with the non-dressy/stuffy stipulation.

Thanks in advance!

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  1. Paper Moon has a fabulous brunch on Sunday that is casual. It might even be casual enough for dinner Saturday.

    1. From Georgetown, drive (or take a bus) a couple of miles up to 2 Amys. (Make it part of a trip to the Cathedral, even.) For a classic D.C. brunch, take 'em to Colorado Kitchen.

      1. Saturday night, a good option for young girls might be Lauriol Plaza - it's a fun people-watching spot with basic tex-mex fair at a decent price. Not stuffy.

        Same goes for 2 Amys.

        You might want to consider le pain quotidien in georgetown for a casual brunch - it's nice if you can grab a table either outside if it's nice, or in the front near the counter (i sat there the other day with a drink and just watched people walk by). It's very tasty and also most things are organic if they are into that.

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          Still haven't been to 2 Amys either. My sister might find it funny since her name is Amy. I know the place gets pretty packed and loud...if we went on a Saturday, maybe for an earlier dinner after some shopping, what do you think is a good time to arrive to kind of beat the crowds? by 6?

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            Also pretty good pizza in the Georgetown shopping area is Pizza Paradisio

          2. If you all eat seafood perhaps you should check out Hook in's new, hip, laid-back and delicious. Also not too expensive. Another option would be Bistro Francais...a little bit of something for everyone.

            In terms of brunch maybe you should plan on taking them to either Tabard Inn or Dupont Grille ($19 for a large entree, muffins, fruit, endless coffee/tea/drinks including mimosas and bloody marys) and then you can walk around the Farmer's Market in Dupont Circle.

            Another option would be brunch at Belga in Eastern Market and then you can walk around Eastern Market.

            I just had a great meal at The Majestic in Old Town and I think any 19 year-old would love the food and laid-back vibe there.

            Also for dinners outside of Georgetown you might want to consider some place in Chinatown/Penn Quarter like Jaleo, Oya, Zola, or PS7...when I was 19 years-old I would love those places that are kind of chic, lounge-like and hip.

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              I'm still thinking about how good the turnip soup was at the majestic. So. Good.

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                Great idea with Tabard Inn/Dupont Grille and the Farmers Market...I've been wanting to check out both places and this seems like a good opportunity...I think they really might enjoy Eastern Market too!

              2. Not 19 anymore, but not too too far off at 24. I think they would LOVE LOVE the Eastern Market and you could grab brunch at a lot of places there, including market lunch (fantastic blueberry pancakes).

                I also second 2 Amy's and Lauriol plaza I would have like that a lot at that age.

                Also I think all the hip chic places Elyssa mentioned would be a good choice at 19 I wanted to be at a place that was a scene. I would add Zaytinya in there.

                For brunch also Bistro Bis is incredible, you could go there pre-Eastern Market, I wouldn't go after because it might be late.