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Nov 5, 2007 06:24 PM

Silverado Trail Napa Recs

Hi there,

We are doing the Silverado Trail this weekend (have done it before) -- was wondering if any winehounds and/or locals have any tips on 'must visits' or anything else.

Any and all tips are appreciated. Thanks in advance.


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  1. I highly recommend Robert Sinskey Vineyards!

    Robert Sinskey Vineyards
    6320 Silverado Trl, Napa, CA

    1. I second Robert Sinskey & would like to add ZD wines & Frog's Leap. DH & I have been going to ZD for a few years and enjoy their wines. We visited Frog's Leap for the first time this past summer and were pleasantly surprised by the winery. Beautifully restored building set on a picturesque 130 acres. We didn't know you have to make an appointment but were given "a splash" of sauvignon blanc as a thank you for dropping by. We were also invited to look/walk around the lovely property.

      1. No trip along the trail would be complete without visiting Cliff Lede Winery, Silverado Trail and the Yountville Crossroad, in my opinion. The wines, especially cabs and their claret, are outstanding. They also have an excellent sauv. blanc. The tasting room is one of the nicest and prettiest in the valley.

        Right up the road is Miner Family. Dave Miner has built a beautiful tasting room that is filled with equally beautiful wines, Again, their cab is lovely, sauv blanc super and if they have any of the Wild Yeast Chard be sure to get some.

        I would also third Robert Sinskey. He was one of the first to grow his grapes organically. Plus, his wife, Maria, was the chef at Plumpjack Cafe in SF for a number of years therefore Sinskey wines are very food friendly. Known for their Pinots, they have a number of other very drinkable wines. And, again, a lovely tasting room.

        Have a great time.

        1. vlad - Sorry I think I must have glazed over the "have done it before" when I responded. Where have you visited? We noticed on our last visit that several new wineries have come up in Napa of which one was the Black Stallion Vineyards (saw it too late to go for tasting).

          1. Thanks guys. Appreciate the tips.