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Nov 5, 2007 06:13 PM

Any recommendations for lunch place in Worcester???

Hi all - I am meeting up with some college friends for lunch on Sunday--they chose Worcester and asked me to pick the place. Need a fun place that not only serves lunch, but is open on Sundays. Any suggestions? We want something nice (we only get together once a year!). Appreciate your help!

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  1. winochick, there's a "thread" that somebody transferred to this board from the Boston board farther down the N.E. board page that recommends a bunch of places that fit the "nice" category. I think they cover it pretty well... but you wanted "nice" and also "fun". That's a tough one. I can think of a lot of places in Worcester that are fun but when you add "nice" I'm thinking cloth napkins and the cloth napkin places in Worcester...

    1. At this point, I'll take any suggestions. They wanted 111, but they don't serve lunch. Tried the Bocado (I think that was it??) and they aren't open until "nice", I just am looking for something a little better than the 99. :)

      1. I'll also search for the link you mention

        1. I will send you a web site you can check out ( This might help you in finding a place for lunch. And try this site( Hope this helps. Earle

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          1. Fun + nice + open for lunch on Sundays is a tough search in Worcester! Harlequin at the Beechwood Hotel is very nice and offers a Sunday Brunch, but you'd probably have to make your own fun there -- it's pretty subdued.


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              Thanks Rick -checked the looks good. You're right, I'd prob have to bring my own fun!! no problem with that. Thanks again.