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Nov 5, 2007 05:30 PM

Park's BBQ v. Honey Pig

So I've been to neither, but I'm going to go to one of the two Korean BBQ restaurants this weekend. The question is: which restaurant has better food--Park's or Honey Pig? Also, how do they compare price wise? Many thanks in advance! (This is my first post!)

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  1. Dommy!, I and good friends went on Saturday to Honey Pig. It was wonderful. We had Pork Belly, Shrimp, Mushrooms, and some Beef and they give you Kimchi scallions chili Paste to go with it My only quibble was there was not seasoning on the meat before cooking and the beef could have used a little salt. Price was $120 for 4 with tax and tip.

    I have not been to Park's so I can't compare.

    Take Care

    - P.

    1. I have been to both and my preference is Park's. Actually, I think that Park's is the best K bbq house in the city. Park's is far superior to Honey Pig in every way: use of charcoal, service, panchan, quality of meat, etc.


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        Thanks Bon Vivant. I guess Park's it is! By the way, is Park's your favorite Korean BBQ restaurant?

        1. re: im hungrry

          Go to Park's.

          It's not even a close call.

      2. They are very different: both have reasonable prices and quality (Park's maybe more so, q-wise) but specialize in different things. For straight beef BBQ Park's is very hard to beat. HP is all about the big vegetable-meat drippings-chili grilled rice cooked on your BBQ at the end. Some of the pork is quite goood but not as good as Ham Ji Park. I think HP's atmo is more fun.

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          Honey Pig is a must for that end of the meal spicy fried drippings rice. Definitly a place to keep in your KBBQ rotation. The meat is good, even if it's not your favorite place. I also love the rice noodle wrappers they give you, and the fact that they offer a really nice (though not inexpensive) mushroom platter as well as all the pork.

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            Hmm.. the atmosphere is more fun? How so?

          2. They are very different. Honey Pig doesn't use a grill, they have these solid dome-shaped cast-iron things (I think they were originally the lids of old-fashioned rice pots) on which you cook your meat. As the name implies, specialty is pork, specifically belly. They have three grades; the lowest is perfectly edible but the other two are way better.

            I've never been to Park's, though I've heard lots of good things... my impression is that they're known for pork ribs, although beef is supposed to be good too.

            Incidentally, I noticed a new pork BBQ place opened opposite what was formerly My Secret Recipe/Nakji Village on 3rd (more than half that restaurant converted into a teppanyaki or some such, and I'm not sure anymore about the part that remains, since the sign on the exterior wall is now in Chinese characters, which I can't read, although the Korean sign still says Nakji Village). New place is called Money Pig, but sign is in Korean only. South side of 3rd, ground level, with an exercise studio/gym upstairs.

            1. park's has better food. try the tokyo x. kudos to genetic engineering.

              honey pig really needs a wider selection of panchan. after bite after bite of grilled food, the palate could use a flavor break.