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Nov 5, 2007 05:13 PM

Death of American Brasserie- St. Louis MO

In 1990 there was a resturant in the Central West end of St. Louis on Union Blvd in the Westmoreland on the Park apartment building called American Brasserie. Chef Bernard was the owner/chef, and had great everything, including a "bottomless" chocolate mousse desert that had so much Grand Marnier in it that my wife and I could get buzzed just from eating it. It sadly closed.

Is Bernard still in the St. Louis area? Is he currently running a different restraunt? I will be in St. Louis on Sunday night, and while I do have some options from the old days, I would like to make note of him for my next trip.

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  1. Google turns up two chefs named Bernard in St. Louis: 1. Berrnard Pilon and 2. Bernard Decoster

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      Pizzahound speaks of Bernard Douteau, who also ran a restaurant called Bernard's in the Seven Gables Inn (and may have been behind Chez Louis there as well, I don't recall). Bernard, I think, overextended himself -- he also did an upscale joint in Clayton called Girarrosto about the same time he was doing the Brasserie. He was consulting chef at Provisions market 6-7 years ago, but I haven't heard much about him lately.

      1. re: bonwich

        Thanks. I had heard rumors about the place in Clayton while we still lived there, but never took the time (and didn't have the money then) to check it out.