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Nov 5, 2007 05:06 PM

Any real Chicago Style Pizza in South Bend IN?

I travel to SB for work every quarter or so, and aside from Barnaby's I have not found any Chicago pizza... and Barnaby's isn't what I am looking for (besides, the Barnaby's in SB and Mishawaka normally make their thin crust pizza too thick. the owners need to visit and sample the remaining Barnaby's in the Chicago area to realize how far they have strayed from the mother church.)

I am looking for Chicago Deep Dish or Stuffed, such as found at Nancy's, Giordano's, Lou Malnati's, Burt's, or Gino's East. (FYI, a Nancy's franchise is open in Fisher's IN just north of Indianapolis for those of you who were unaware.) Can anyone help out a Pizzahound? I'm going to be there on Nov. 7th. I'll try Polito's (sp) for NY style if there is no decent deep dish around.

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  1. I just tried Rocco's, as was recommended elsewhere on the board and by people I met here in South Bend today. I ordered the thick crust, and while ok, it had nothing on Chicago pizza, let alone Barnabys. I will try it again on my next trip, but with the regular crust, which should help.

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      Pizzahound, I just moved to Toledo, OH w/my boyfriend and his birthday is in two weeks. His fav. is Barnaby's and I'm not going to be able to get back to Chicago until 2 weeks AFTER his birthday (when I can pick up some frozen pizzas). Any left over in your Ada stock that I can drive down and pick up/buy from you? It'd be a nice suprise for him and one he will not expect. Thanks in advance.

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        All the major places for Chicago-style deep-dish pizza, including Giordano's, Edwardo's, Gino's East, and Lou Malnati's, offer the ability to order from their websites; the pizza is shipped frozen, packed in dry ice.

        (I assume you noticed that the posts you replied to were from a year ago...)

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          Thanks nsxtasy, yep, I knew about all those places shipping from their websites but was looking for Barnaby's specifically. Also - had hopes that pizzahound was still around and active on the board given he was posting other topics a few days ago.


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            Giannetto's in the 100 Center in Mishawaka is the only place in SB/Mishawaka that has Chicago Style Stuffed Pizza. I haven't been there in ages, but it was great the time we went.

            100 Center (off of Lincolnway)
            Mishawaka, IN
            (574) 254-9177

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              I should add to this thread to say that the Chicago chain "Gino's East" has just opened a big store in the Heritage Square shopping area, just a bit East of the University Park Mall in South Bend.

    2. I really enjoy poltosny's Stuffed Pizza! On Hickory across from the Town & Country Shopping Center. It great pizza, it's a clean Place but the decor looks like a chain but it's not!