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Nov 5, 2007 04:58 PM

Allegro in Edmonton?

On my was home, I walk by Allegro on 100th Ave at 109th St in Edmonton almost every day. Has anyone tried it out? I am curious if it's worth a try. Close to home and would be an easy spot for dinner when no one feels like cooking.


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  1. Have not been to the downtown location but they have a westend option on 142st. that i have been to 3 times. The first was great, the other 2 have been okay, dessert was especially , creme caramel with a skin on it, and our friends tirimisu was partially frozen. It is a more upscale italian restaurant. worth a try but head to Il Portico first....heads and shoulders above allegro.

    1. I've been to the downtown location for lunch many times. I haven't had a bad meal there yet and would recommend it, but in my opinion their menu isn't as interesting or creative as Il Portico.

      1. Dr J:

        I have not been to the original downtown location but as the replies confirm, I understand that it has quite the loyal following.

        I went to the west end location one time to celebrate a birthday and was less than impressed but again, part of the difference may be with being a "regular".

        Personally, with Sorrentino's off Wolf Willow and Piccolino's just down 142 in the next strip mall, I have not bothered after my first visit to go back to Allegro.

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          Thanks! I think we'll try Il Portico (also close to home) instead when we feel like italian close to home.

        2. Hi Dr. J,

          I think that Allegro downtown is the better of the two (though I've only ever been there in the evening). It's never as busy as it should be, but I think that's because of the location. The seafood pasta is incredible -- lightly spiced and interesting and the seafood is really nicely cooked every time I've had it. I find Il Portico a bit too zany and noisy which, for me, detracts from the food because it's hard to concentrate on eating. Hope this helps. Jennifer