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Nov 5, 2007 04:35 PM


Anyone know where to get arepas in the Dc area?

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  1. Zengo has a nice arepas appetizer, with a spicy pulled pork on top.

      1. re: cleveland park

        Not sure, actually. Just read that Miguel Cabrera of the Florida Marlins got fat and out of baseball shape because of his love of was wondering where I could try one...

        Is there a difference b/w Venezuelan and Columbian?

      2. I'm not aware of any terrific arepas in the area. I've had them at Monserrat on Glebe Rd. in N. Arlington, and also Brasa Roja in Fairfax. Nothing exciting. Same goes for the mini-arepas at Zengo. I hear that Chi Cha Lounge on U St has them, but I've never been.

        Arepas are basically flat corn cakes, like a corn meal pancake. They sometimes come stuffed with cheese or other ingredients. I've had some really outstanding arepas in Florida. Just as good and similar are the humintas at El Pike (Bolivian) in Falls Church.

        1. Anyone else? I had some great Arepas from the Arepa Lady in Queens last month. Now i've got a major craving.

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            Did you try the humintas at El Pike? I would say that, if fresh*, they can rival the arepas at the Colombian bakery I frequent when I am visiting my family in Florida.
            *They are not cooked to order, they are pre-made, baked in a corn husk and usually eaten at room temperature or slightly warmed.

            1. re: Steve

              Arepas are crunchy on the outside and great with cheese or butter and salt.If itwas wrapped in a corn husk, it could have been a tamale or an Hallaquita,These are served for breakfast and good. There is an arepa sandwich served in Caracas called a Reina Peppeada, stuffed with avocado and chicken salad

              1. re: Rickw

                Yes, I know what an arepa is. I am talking about Bolivian humintas.
                I had a reina pappeada in Miami recently and I am familiar with the Venezuelan tendancy to make them into a kind of a sandwich. Very delicious.

                The humintas actually do get a bit crunchy on the outside. They are also a touch sweet. Unfortunaterly, this is probably the closest the OP will come to the flavor of a qualtiy arepa in the DC area.

          2. Easiest thing in the world to make. I do Venezuela style. Get a bag of Harina Pan, sold everywhere. Mix with warm water to make the batter, let it sit for 10 minutes, then mold and fry lightly in oil. I stuff with mexican white cheese from the latin market. I've had the area at Zengo and it's good, but I hate paying for this type of home food.