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Nov 5, 2007 03:54 PM

Dinner suggestions--Port Angeles and Westport, WA?

Going on a road trip in a couple of weeks--any suggestions for dinners either place? We'll probably want to keep it more inexpensive one night and do something a little nicer (seafood sounds like a good bet) for a birthday dinner the other. We're not looking for five-star dining, just a good meal for the money. Has anybody made any great discoveries they can share?

I've heard mixed things about The Three Crabs in Sequim---is it any good these days, or has it seen better ones?

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  1. Port Angeles has a few gems. A nice French place (C'est Si Bon) but perhaps costlier than you want. Joy's Wine Bar is good for dinner. Thai Pepper is very good. We particularly like Toga's Northwest International -- beautifully prepared food, and with a day's notice they also offer either a cheese or seafood fondue.

    Three Crabs is OK for the experience (maybe a lunch) but not that great. For crab dinner, try Dupuis in Sequim, a somewhat quirky but quite charming place (and they offer crab dinners).

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      We recently had dinner at Toga's and I was especially pleased with it.

      What other places in the Sequim and Port Angeles area would everyone suggest.

      We do like Alder Wood Bistro.

    2. A couple of months ago I requested this type of information and was told about the Dockside Restaurant at the John Wayne Marina in Sequim. My wife and I went and thought that it was an excellent place from food to service.

      That Econo-Lodge in Sequim is pretty decent, too. $66 for a nice room with a love seat in front of the TV and such.

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        I agree with Dockside Grill as a great place on the waterfront, that has excellent food and great service. Another good place to eat is Cedar Creek for regional Italian. We never go to 3 Crabs, it's not a "locals" place to eat. And a fun place to stay is the Red Caboose Getaway, where you sleep in train cars and have a fantastic breakfast in the AM. They all have websites.

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          I must say that the Alder Wood Bistro is the best thing going in Sequim, fresh,local,organic and inspired......this place has soul! Casual and relaxed for a really elevated experience! The 3 Crabs is over, very over. Ending on a bright note the Little Oven in Port Angeles is putting out the pastry, excellent, on Peabody, easy to overlook but don't miss it, it's good I don't live too close.

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            Is Alder Wood Bistro ok for kids or is it a more upscale place? We'd love ideas for good breakfast in Westport and another idea close by for our kiddo. Thanks!

      2. In Aberdeen, Gabelli's Parma Italian Resturante (116 W. Heron St.) is not to be missed. Wonderful northern italian cuisine in a small, family-run place. Great pastas, fantastic desserts, etc.