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Nov 5, 2007 03:51 PM

Fine Dining in Orange County

I'm planning a holiday dinner for a group of twenty. We want to go to a lovely, special restaurant with great food and excellent service. This is our annual holiday dinner and we really want it to be fun, classy and would love a unique experience. We were thinking La Fondue, Spaghettinis, Agora Churrascaria, Mastros or Wicked Garden. Any comments or additional suggestions?

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  1. I think La Fondue would be a really fun experience and they have really good food there IMO (
    )They can probably accomodate a group of twenty although I've never tried.
    On the other hand, Mastro's always good :)

    1. also check out Mr. Stox and The White House

      1. Napa Rose. You'll be happy, impressed and so will your guests. They can also do a private room with your own patio if you'd like for your party. I've booked that on several occasions.

        1. Of your choices, my opinion is go to Spaghettini's because of the entire picture. Probably be music. Menu is very large and though Italian, has a very good variety of choices. And, food quality is good. Good parking - no valet required.

          For over-the-top ambience (in red room, green room, or bistro jazz lounge in beige and flora), good service, and good French food, I would suggest Chat Noir in Costa Mesa. Paid parking or valet near Mastro's.

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            Chat Noir is now a Savannah . . . they've changed the menu a bit - from what I understand - but the interior remains the same.

          2. My vote would be for Mr Stox or Five Crowns. During the holidays they have carolers dressed in holiday apparel going from table to table singing Christmas caroles. I love the Melting Pot and La Fondue but sometimes ordering with a large group of people can be really confusing.