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Nov 5, 2007 03:30 PM

Please help with Russian recipe - "Lazy" vareniki

I'm looking for a Russian recipe - not sure how well known it is. It is called "lazy" vareniki, which is basically a vareniki without the pastry on the outside. I think it consists of: farmer cheese, sugar, flour and eggs, but not sure about the quantities. The method is similar to making gnocchi: you mix up the ingredients, roll into a log, cut into small pieces and then put into boiling water.

My grandmother used to make these and they were great, but now she has had a stroke and her memory is not so good. I wish I would have asked her earlier....

Any help appreciated!

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    1. My mother (now deceased) used to make something like this - in Polish we referred to them as "kluski" - basically the ingredients of cheese pierogi all mixed up. She would make them on Fridays when we would eat them boiled with sour cream - but what we really looked forward to was eating them Saturday morning fried in a cast iron skillet, served with ketchup. A few years ago we made them at our family cottage, letting them cool and then immediately fried them - my siblings and I were in heaven! But the moral of the story is that I've never gotten the proportions quite right since there is no official family recipe, but I found this online and it looks like the closest one to our version. A lot of recipes I found had either no flour and only cheese, or no cheese and only flour (along with egg and salt). Also we never used the extra spices, though I would be curious to try this version exactly as written.