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Nov 5, 2007 03:25 PM

Need help with family reunion in Memphis

I'm hoping some Memphis folks can help me find a good restaurant for a family reunion in Memphis. Actually, it's not exactly a family reunion -- I'm getting married in Memphis in the spring and am looking for a restaurant to host a party of sorts for my family and my bride-to-be's family (who are from Memphis). I call it a 'family reunion' because we don't want a stuffy wedding type situation.

To give a better picture of the kind of place we are looking forward, let me say: We had thought that Rendevous would be a perfect place, as it's a fun, informal atmosphere and we could introduce my family (from the far north) to some Memphis tradition. But when I talked to the people at Rendevous they sounded, to be a frank, a bit rude, and while they could give us a semi-private space it wouldn't really be cut off from the main crowd and would likely be quite loud. So....

Can anyone suggest a BBQ restaurant, or something similar, that has decent food, a good atmosophere, and would be appropriate for an informal gathering of 40-50 people? It could have a private room, or we could perhaps book the entire place if it is small enough.

I'll be very grateful for suggestions. Similarly, if you think of a place that deviates from this but might fit the general bill, please let me know as well.

many thanks.

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  1. Might be fun to meet and eat at a Redbirds game...

    1. My sis-in-law & her husband had their rehearsal dinner at Bar-B-Q Shop on Madison in Midtown. It was perfect--fantastic food (some of the best barbecue in town), informal atmosphere, friendly, helpful staff and not at all pretentious. I think we may have seated about 30 for the dinner, but there was room for more. Give them a call at 901-272-1277 or check out their website at And congratulations!

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        Here's a second vote for BBQ Shop. You could also try Central BBQ(the location on Summer). It has a greater variety(not better tasting), that would be more likely to please different palates. Plus, the location is fairly large. It wouldn't be nearly the squeeze to fit all of the folks in there.

      2. The original comment has been removed