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Nov 5, 2007 02:42 PM

Duck Breasts in GTA

I have been looking to make a duck breast recipe,which I have had in mind for quite some time.I wanted to know which is the place in the Toronto area,that i should buy it from?

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  1. I normally get my duck breast from Whitehouse Meats at St. Lawrence Market, but have also seen them at Cumbrae's and other decent butchers.

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    1. re: Vise

      I have seen them at St Lawrence Market,just wanted to know how they are priced and how good are they?

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        There's probably more detail buried in the posts here, but here are some basics. You can get the large ones, usually from Quebec, at a number of places in the city, anywhere from 10 to 15 a pound. One of these might feed two. Generally, these are organic, and you'd find them in the usual suspects in St. Lawrence, Olliffe, Cumbrae, etc. You can also get smaller breasts from a non-organic producer north of the city, King Cole, in some places, more mass market. They also do smoked breasts. Somewhat less in price, and not as rich in flavour.

        General cooking idea: cast-iron pan on med-high. Score the skin side diaginally, season, then cook skin side down for roughly 8 minutes, rendering the fat and making the skin crisp. Drain while cooking, and then do a quick turn, and a very brief trip to the oven. No more than a couple of minutes. After sitting for a while, will be perfectly reddish-pink throughout.

    2. St. Andrew's Poultry in Kensington Mkt. has excellent duck breasts. I find them to be a much better value compared to St. Lawrence

      1. Atelier Thuet has some lovely duck breasts

        1. I was at St Lawrence Market last weekend. Forgot which stall it was but it was in the middle of the first floor... (they also sell Venison, foie gras and other lovely things)

          The price was $15.99/pound.

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            $15.99/lb isnt that a bit pricey or is it standard price for duck breasts

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              It was probably Whitehouse...they have a selection of duck, goose etc. They also sell rendered duck fat. Good duck is very expensive, but worth it when cooked appropriately (ie. rare).

            2. I normally buy mine at Sobey's. But not all stores carry them - need to find one in an 'upscale' area (e.g. St Clair east of Yonge - although they've beeen out recently).

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              1. re: estufarian

                Whitehouse Meats is, by far, your best bet. Their turn-around is enormous, selling duck both retail and to MANY of the top restaurants in the city. They're also your source for quality duck fat and most anything duck. Staff is courteous and extremely helpful if you've got any questions. They'll even take you behind the counter, stick a hairnet on ya, and show you how to butcher your cut if you make it known you're keen on learnining.

                Prices are reasonable. Freshness is tops. Quality is super.

                Cumbrae's is another option, as is Oliffe, but both are notably more expensive. Quality is generally the same, I've found. Though it's hard to be objective when you pay more for something (my brain just tends to think I SHOULD be liking this more because it was more expensive, and it's hard to get past that).

                #1. Whitehouse
                #2. Cumbrae's / Oliffe toss-up

                Good luck!

                **EDIT: Sorry, I meant to reply to Warlock, not you estufarian. : /

                1. re: Bueno

                  Thx for the input,I guess I will settle with Whitehouse.