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Nov 5, 2007 02:22 PM

Squash/pumpkin risotto question

When all you hounds out there make (or eat) a squash or pumpkin risotto, do you prefer to have the squash diced in the risotto, pureed and then stirred in, or a combination of both? I have only made it with diced squash and am wondering if the puree's the way to go...

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  1. I'd advocate for diced rather than pureed and stirred in as I think its an "addition to" ingredient and I think a puree overwhelms the risotto.

    1. I totally go for pureed. I adore pumpkin or squash risotto, but I don't like it chunky. I love the golden color the pureed squash/pumpkin adds to the risotto and I prefer my risotto really creamy. I guess the only thing I make a "chunky" exception for is/are wild mushrooms. When I make pumpkin risotto, I buy my pumpkin already diced, steam it, and then puree it and add it to the risotto. Seems to work out fine. If I want a more carmelized flavor, I roast the pumpkin first, then puree it with a little of the same chicken broth I add to the risotto. Whichever way you make it, creamy or chunky, I'm sure it will taste great.