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Nov 5, 2007 02:04 PM

dim sum in Vancouver

What's the best place for dim sum in Vancouver on a weekday night? Does anyone serve it at night? In-laws are flying into YVR at 7 p.m. on a Tuesday and want great dim sum before we take them to our house in Bellingham, WA

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  1. Cantonese/Hong Kong dim sum is a morning/early afternoon meal. However Shanghai "dim sum" (snacks) are available all day. So you won't be able to find shrimp dumplings, sui mai, etc in the evening but you can find soup dumplings, pot stickers, etc at many Shanghai restaurants. And most tables will usually be having an order of the soup dumplings, so they are easy to spot.

    My favorite Shanghai places in Richmond (where the airport is) are:

    Shanghai River
    7831 Westminister Hwy, Richmond

    Northern Delicacy
    #2788 Aberdeen Centre (2nd floor, south end)
    4151 Hazelbridge Way, Richmond

    Northern Dynasty
    8391 Alexandra Rd, Richmond



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      Thanks Iona! This is good news. I had a feeling dim sum was more a brunch/lunch sort of thing, but didn't know anything about Shanghai traditions. I assume they don't do the rolling cart sort of thing. So are they just listed on the menu as appetizers or do you need to request them?

      And thanks again. Anything that will start this visit from the in-laws off well is MUCH appreciated!

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        They will be listed on the menu, no carts. Some places have pictures, others have areas where you can see them making various dumplings, etc.

        Soup dumplings (xlb or xiao long bao) can be listed as small pork dumplings. Other items to look for are pot stickers, onion or scallion pancakes, and pan fried dumplings. If you go to Shanghai River, the have deep fried shrimp dumplings (very thin won ton skins) which are excellant. Also there they have baked sugar cakes which is a pastry filed with a sugar filling, crispy, very hot!, but, oh, so tasty.