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Nov 5, 2007 01:55 PM

Dinner suggestions in Larchmont/Mamaroneck area?

Haven't lived there for years and a bit out of touch, but looking to find a place around Larchmont or Mamoroneck for birthday dinner on Sunday evening. Nothing too upscale but something really good. Thanks!

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  1. I've really enjoyed Chat 19 on Chatsworth Ave. It's owned by the same family as Lusardi's but it's not Italian, and not as "fancy". I would also recommend Ruby's in Rye. Not sure if Chat has a website, but this is ruby's

    1. I live in Larchmont and we eat out all the time. Chat 19 strikes me as very loud and casual for a birthday, for that type of meal, I prefer Palmer Crossing (prices are better, too). La Villetta is great for italian/fish, although similar in price to Lusardi's (and Chat 19, depending on what you order). Pascal's is also good, especially the weekday $20.00 prix fix. And we also like Le Provencal. For middle eastern, I like Cafe Meze in Mamaroneck the best, although I ate lunch at Tourquoise yesterday and it was very good.

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        Guess it depends on the type of birthday, because Palmer's and especially Pascal's strike me as a bit staid for a party dinner for anyone lacking an AARP membership. Any more details, OP?

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          very old post. Ended up at Le Provencal, which was great. Have been to chat 19 many times prior, and have always enjoyed.

      2. I'm with Pobo. Not a fan of Chat 19 but love Le Provencal in Mamaroneck and Turkish Meze too. Both have very good food, not too upscale price or atmosphere. Le Provencal is a bit more appropriate for a "birthday dinner" I think. Zitoune - mixed reviews here and I haven't been - a newer Moroccan on Boston Post Road could work as well.

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          Thanks -ended up at procencal and it was perfect! really great food and nice atmosphere.

        2. Zitoune is my favorite restaurant right now! It's perfect for a birthday -- "exotic" and fun atmosphere and the food is excellent. To celebrate, start off with their rose cocktail (don't remember the exact name of the cocktail; I just remember that it was fabulous!). My favorite appetizers are the cigars, duck b'steeya and the sardines (don't be afraid of the sardines; here they're light and delicious and not at all unappealingly "fishy"). My favorite for the main course is definitely the tangia marrakchia... and for dessert, the b'steeya.

          you could also try Plates. I love the ambiance here - simple, yet elegant. The food is delightful!! My favorite drink here is gin cocktail... "Park" something... You have to wait a bit while the bartender makes it, but it's worth it!

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            We loved Zitoune when it first opened, before they changed the entrance. There was a wonderful little lounge area where you could have a cocktail, and order food if you wanted. We went several times, but the last time (1 1/2 years ago) we went with friends and it was a horrible experience. The food was so-so, the service was awful and to make matters worse, there was some mix-up with the bill and the credit cards and it took, I kid you not, an hour to resolve it. We haven't been back since.

          2. i like lusardis and chat 19. also theirs a french restaurant right on the main drag in mamaroneck near the movie theaters, forgot the name. but the fois gras there was quite impressive!

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            1. re: MaxAvery

              I don't like Lusardi's.

              No to Enzo's.

              I like Plates.

              I really like LeProvencal.

              Haven't been to Il Teatro, but good things have been said about them.

              1. re: dolores

                yeah thats it le provencal. never been impressed with plates for some reason. perhaps we should give it another try. third times a charm??

                1. re: dolores

                  I'd love to hear from someone about Il Teatro. I pass by often and have been wondering about them since they opened. They never appear busy.

                  I'm with you on Enzo's Dolores but like Lusardi's. I haven't been to Plates yet and, as per my earlier post, love Le Provencal.

                  1. re: laylag

                    laylag, Il Teatro was opened by the same people who own the highly successful La Fontanella in Pelham...they got off to a difficult start due to the damaging floods that hit that area not long ago...I have been there quite a few time and the cuisine (similar to La Font's) is quite good for the area. I bit more refined than red-sauce Italian, with a little Adriatic thrown in. A charming room too. Prices are moderate to above...