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Nov 5, 2007 01:53 PM

what to do with pickled sweet red peppers

okay I picked up a jar at the store thinking I bought roasted red peppers..but they're pickled. What the heck can I do with them? any suggestions?

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  1. Unsure of your meat preferences, I'll risk saying try making pork chops with vinegar peppers. Sprinkle a few seasoned breadcrumbs on the meat also and you'll have a rather savory meal.

    1. mmm...great as a relish for sandwiches and meats...i'd personally go with condiment

      1. I'd suggest tasting them, both straight from the jar, and rinsed. The pickling might not be all that strong. For example the jarred red peppers that I get from Trader Joes have a mild pickling, and work fine salads, and some savory dishes.

        How were you intending to use them?

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          I usually use them on pizza and sandwiches and I also like to make mumumhara? dip which has roasted red peppers in it. If I do cook it with pork chops as Cheese Boy suggests, I'm still not certain what I'd have..a casserole? I've used in them sandwiches so far and they're okay. I preferred the roasted red pepper taste. I love sweet and dill pickles but pickled peppers..I was hoping someone would have a good way of eating them that would really complement what they are.

        2. make an olive spread using them--like for muffalettas.

          1. I would do a red snapper or halibut veracruz-style and just dice up the peppers to add a different twist to the dish.

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              I had to look up both muffalettas and veracruz-style and both looked interesting. Thanks for all the ideas. I hate wasting food so this is a great start.