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Nov 5, 2007 01:42 PM

After work drinks near Park St T stop

Any suggestions? All price ranges welcome...

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  1. Silvertone is the easiest suggestion.

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    1. re: wontonton

      Thanks. I am new to the area. Is this place packed after work? Can you get two seats together at the bar without a long wait?

      1. re: nomdeplume

        It can get crowded after work, but it's not crazy and the people are civilized. Getting two seats at the bar may depend on luck, however. I suppose it would depend on what night of the week you visited, also.

        1. re: wontonton

          Met my buddy and silvertone and got a table with no wait. food was decent, great for the price. i wish they had a bigger draft selection. thanks for the rec.

          1. re: nomdeplume

            If draft selection is your thing, avial's rec (a few posts down) for Elephant and Castle is a pretty good call. NB the food is somewhere between serviceable and meh.

    2. On the high end, No 9 Park is a Chowhound favorite. Seriously competent bartenders turning out some seriously tasty cocktails.

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      1. re: finlero

        No 9 is my favorite place in the area for cocktails. The bar fills up early though if you want a bar seat. There are also plenty of cafe tables in the bar area where you could sit.

        No 9 Park
        9 Park Street, Boston, MA 02108

      2. Beantown Pub, Hub Pub, Mojito's, The Last Hurrah in the Omni Parker, SideBar, KO Prime in the Nine Zero hotel, Mooo in the XV Beacon hotel, SilverTone, Mojito's

        A little further away: Kinsale, Elephant and Castle, 21st Amendment, Tam's

        Also of use though lacking in downtown choices:

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        1. re: avial

          Sounds as though you know the area. Let me ask you if the Tremont Hotel (across from the Wang) is still there and is there a lounge/bar/pub in that location? Thanks!

          1. re: taxi

            The Tremont Hotel is at 275 Tremont and the Wang is at 270, so yes they are across from each other. There are a number of options in that area. I like the bar at Montien where they mix a nice drink and you can nibble on kona cups or curry pockets; Intermission Tavern is a great pub atmosphere where you can have homemade potato chips with your burger; even Rock Bottom has a cool bar with an ice strip in it to keep your beer cold. More upscale, walk a block and go to Troquet for the cheese platter and the wine served in either 2 oz or 4 oz pours.

            1. re: Pegmeister

              Old school dive bar the Tam is a couple doors from the Intermission, on Tremont.
              It was a long bar and a few tables so you have a good chance of getting a couple seats.

            2. re: taxi

              The Tremont Hotel is now the Mariott Courtyard Theatre District hotel, but the important thing is that the cabaret lounge to the left of the hotel entrance is still there and is still cabaret. The only casualty is the bad-but-open-late pizza joint.

          2. I've enjoyed the cocktails at Ivy Restaurant on Temple- very close to the Park St T stop. Friendly and competent bartenders. I've only been for drinks on the weekend though, so I can't speak for the after work crowd.

            49 Temple Place, Boston, MA 02111

            1. For the cheapest drinks in town I'd suggest Side Bar. Their pitchers are around $6 last I checked.