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Nov 5, 2007 12:59 PM

Catfish Corner -- Gooood LAWDY!

They just opened a Catfish Corner up here on Kent East Hill.

I went there Saturday late for lunch and ordered up a mess 'o catfish -- the 1 lb fried. It comes with potatoes, fries, or what I ordered, cornbread hushpuppies.

I had to try the sides, collard greens (which I love) and sweet potatoes.

It was enough food for a small family, but I was hung-er-y. I never tasted anything so good. The fish was fresh but cooked just right. The batter had zero grease, it was just crisp and tasty -- and with the spicy tartar sauce, out of this world.

And the sides -- gee whiz, I thought I died and went to heaven eating the candied sweet potatoes and fresh tasty greens.

Drinks? The ice tea! It was fresh, and oh so sweet. Just right to wash it down.

Warning: you may feel like eating every day at Catfish Corner once you get hooked! I'm going back Wednesday for the Gumbo.

The one I went to is in Kent. It's new so it's not on the website, but it's on 104th and Canyon Drive in the mall adjacent to the "Select Flooring" store on the corner (right across the street from T.J. Maxx)

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  1. I go to the original one in the central district and I agree it is some good eating. I have a special fondness for their potato salad. The hush puppies are top notch and of course the fish is what you go there for.

    Catfish Corner
    2726 E Cherry St, Seattle, WA 98122

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      Gotta love Catfish Corner. It was one of the first places I went to when I moved into Seattle 14 years ago.....and I keep going back. I love their regular catfish, but if you're lucky enough to get there for lunch on a Tuesday, they have this Cajun Catfish that is rich and buttery.... so good.

    2. I am so glad to see folks from other areas enjoying catfish and the sides that go so well with it.

      Never heard of Catfish Corner, but if it is turning you guys on to good catfish, then my hat is off to them!