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X20 - Taking wife for birthday

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Since I haven't seen anything recent on it, anyone have any recent good or bad experiences there? It will be on a weekday, and from what I've read, food is good, view is amazing, service is so-so. Still accurate?

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  1. Four of us had dinner there on a Friday night in early Sept. & didn't find any fault with the service. It should be noted that on the night we were there, Kelly was in the kitchen & his brother was in the Dining Room, going from table asking everyone to honestly tell him if anything wasn't right. These people know their trade & I would think that by this time the early service snafus would have been worked out.

    You're right about the view, but the food was a lot better than "good".

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      Peter's brother, Ned is a jewel! He always ran the front of the house at Freelance and he made you feel like you were dining in his home. Haven't made it yet to X20, but we are dying to!

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        I'm not big on ambience, but the view in the restroom was outta sight.

        If the food is as good at dinner as it was at brunch, I can't see how one can go wrong. With the exception of the pistachio cake at brunch, that is. I hope they've either improved or done away with it.

    2. Thanks for the feedback thus far. Looks like they got through their growing pains from the opening. Any advice on where to ask for a table?

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        Against the window, left hand side of the restaurant, as you come in. Amazing view in the day, I can't imagine how nice it is at night.

      2. You will be very pleased. Peter is a true perfectionist and seems to be in the kitchen to make sure the menu is executed correctly. With Peter at the helm and Ned watching over things in the dining room, I m sure you will have a lovely experience.

        1. Was just there. We enjoyed a wonderful meal, great service, and fantastic views! Loved the mushroom ravioli. Steer clear of the raspberry martini unless you like a medicinal tasting cocktail! Otherwise, wines were quite good.

          1. There was a nice piece on NPR this morning:

            I wasn't aware of this, but seems worth the trip up from Brooklyn on a nice day-looks like an easy walk from Metro North.

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              It's right in back of the Yonkers Metro Station on the 2nd & 3rd levels of the pier.

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                Great-thanks. It's on my list...

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                  Had lunch there on Sunday-an easy trip up on Metro North-turn right out of the station, take the next right (under the RR tracks) and go one block and it's just to your right, on the pier.
                  The space is very nice (including the view from the bathrooms!), and the sound level is good-not too quiet, but great for conversation.
                  For $38.00, they offered champagne, mimosa's or Kir Royal-and they were generous with refills (you didn't need to look for them when needed.)
                  Our table had a generous salad with fennel, a pretty good charcuterie plate, shellfish chowder (a little filling), and shrimp tempura (good, but just two pieces of each.)
                  Then on to Garganelli (fairly good), chicken with risotto, which was excellent, flat iron steak (very nice) and Berkshire pork, which looked good and got good reviews but I didn't have.
                  They also came around with extras (one piece each, though I guess you could ask for more) of coconut shrimp, which was crispy and good, mushroom dumpling, that I didn't care for, a nice tuna roll and a really nice lamb chop.
                  I enjoyed the pumpkin panna cotta and chocolate velvet cake for dessert-the ice cream looked good but I didn't try it. Note that coffe is an extra $4.00.
                  All in all, a very nice experience-the service was great (although there's a bit of a rush when they first open to be seated) and the combination of food and space are good. I'd try this again, maybe for dinner around sunset in the summer.

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                    Ah yes, brunch is lovely there. I know, isn't the view from the restrooms amazing??

                    Try his other restaurant in Congers, brunch is the same price, the view is less, but the food consists of mannnny more courses.

                    Panna cotta and chocolate velvet cake....oh wow. I'm glad they got rid of the pistachio cake, or whatever it was.

                    Thanks, David, I'll have to go back one of these days.

            2. very much so...i just had my 30th bday dinner there a couple weeks ago and it was soooo good. we all thoroughly enjoyed our apps and dinners, the problem is what to choose! a friend of mine had these really delicious smoked salmon spring rolls w/ mango and goat cheese that i wish i had ordered since i love all 3 ingredients. i enjoyed my spicy tuna salad, but thats a pretty common dish, although the presentation was beautiful. i also remember a short rib appetizer w/ truffle sauce if i'm not mistaken that was out of this world (it was fun being the bday girl and tasting everyone's dishes - didn't want to miss out on anything ;)) the entrees were just as wonderful, myself having ordered the rack of lamb, which i hadnt eaten in years. i was in heaven w/ this tender and flavorful meat which i think came from colorado. the roasted artichokes and tomato zucchini couscous sides were both very palate pleasing as well. the couscous was the size of tapioca balls and had a real nice flavor to it, and the artichokes were done perfectly. my friend's osso bucco was outstanding, and i think i'd order that if i went back (depending on the specials of course). it pretty much fell off the bone and i was so excited she gave me the shank to eat the marrow from with the little fork..i swear it's my favorite part, and it was damn good too! a couple other friends had the venison and they both liked it, and another person had the swordfish, but i was feeling the veal and lamb A LOT that night. we skipped on dessert since there was just no need, but i wouldn't mind trying a sampler next time. go and enjoy, and please post back!

              1. And since some of you asked for an update, here you go:

                Couple observations before we ever got there, the staff that mans their phones is horrible. I got hung up on twice, put on hold more times than I could count, etc. When I called to ask them to put a note into my reservation about a table preference, the lady starts saying "We don't guarantee seating, blah blah. I just asked her to put a note in, she said okay, where would you like to sit, so I say left hand side against the window, she says okay " and hangs up. At no point in time did she know who I was since I hadn't given her my name yet, so these little things need to get addressed.

                So now to the dinner. Driving to the restaurant makes you fear your life a little. I know they're trying to re-build Yonkers, but they still have a ways to go. Then as soon as you pull under the bridge, it's like you're in an Oasis. The restaurant itself is beautiful. The view is amazing. The decor is awesome. So we check in, and immediately they tell my wife "Happy Birthday". Nice touch. Luckily, when I called to confirm my reservation, I was able to ask for the table preference again, and got a great table against the left window. Ordered a bottle of Bryant Family Cab (Yes, I went a little overboard for the wife), and then we put in order. I had the ravioli and the wife ordered the Salmon roll with mango, etc. Both of our apps were absolutely amazing. The one thing that got a little old was how often I heard the staff mention that the Cowboy Steak was the dish that Kelly beat Flay with on Iron Chef. That being said, we went ahead and ordered the Cowboy Steak :). Only complaint on the steak was that between when they bring it out to "show" it to you, and when they take it back to carve it up, a good 10 minutes passed. So the steak was a little too cool, but still absolutely amazing. The steak, potatoes au gratin, creamed spinich and the wine were one of my favorite combos that I have ever had. The menu mentions that the steak is a steak for 2, but realistically, it's a steak for 3. That is a ton o' food. So we took some of the steak home for the dog, and left room for dessert. Wife ordered the brulee chocolate cake and I had Coconut Parfait. Both were very very good. The presentation on the chocolate cake is beautiful and the parfait was rather plain. But as everyone knows from Shrek, everyone loves parfait. They also brought the wife a mini dessert with happy birthday drawn out in chocolate on the plate with a simple candle. Nice little touch that I hadn't asked for. Very nice end to the evening.

                Wow, this is a little long, let me summarize :)

                Phone Service - C/D
                Restaurant Service - B+
                Food - A
                Decor/View - A
                Overall Experience - A

                This definitely competes with most NYC restaurants that I've been to. I was very happy to see that the restaurant was packed on a Tuesday evening. We will definitely be going back. One thing that I was extremely surprised about is how affordable X20 is. $72 for that steak with all of the sides is EXTREMELY reasonable for the experience you get.

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                  Wow, thanks tada. Excellent summary.

                  Did you tell Peter about your abysmal phone conversation?

                  Glad you liked my seating recommendation. I 'so' want to get there for dinner.

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                    He came out into the dining room a couple times, but there were some huge tables and they chewed up lots of his time, so he never really made it to the 2 seaters. Since I'll be going back, I plan on saying something to him or his brother when I get a chance. I didn't really want to complain around my wife since it was her special day and I didn't want to change the perfect mood.

                2. We just had an AMAZINGLY GOOD dining experience here (on Thanksgiving of all days....it happened to be my mom's birthday). Spectacular view....great wines...wonderful service.....sublime food! We were delighted and will definitely be returning...sooner rather than later!! Enjoy!!

                  1. Had a amazing meal last week. See my post from the weekend.

                    1. They're going to be participating in Hudson Valley Restaurant Week, March 9-21. Lunch $16.09, dinner $26.09. Call now for reservations.

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                        does restaurant week include fridays as well or is it just weekdays?

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                          Friday IS a weekday. And HVRW includes Sunday through Friday this year.