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Nov 5, 2007 12:25 PM

X20 - Taking wife for birthday

Since I haven't seen anything recent on it, anyone have any recent good or bad experiences there? It will be on a weekday, and from what I've read, food is good, view is amazing, service is so-so. Still accurate?

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  1. Four of us had dinner there on a Friday night in early Sept. & didn't find any fault with the service. It should be noted that on the night we were there, Kelly was in the kitchen & his brother was in the Dining Room, going from table asking everyone to honestly tell him if anything wasn't right. These people know their trade & I would think that by this time the early service snafus would have been worked out.

    You're right about the view, but the food was a lot better than "good".

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      Peter's brother, Ned is a jewel! He always ran the front of the house at Freelance and he made you feel like you were dining in his home. Haven't made it yet to X20, but we are dying to!

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        I'm not big on ambience, but the view in the restroom was outta sight.

        If the food is as good at dinner as it was at brunch, I can't see how one can go wrong. With the exception of the pistachio cake at brunch, that is. I hope they've either improved or done away with it.

    2. Thanks for the feedback thus far. Looks like they got through their growing pains from the opening. Any advice on where to ask for a table?

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        Against the window, left hand side of the restaurant, as you come in. Amazing view in the day, I can't imagine how nice it is at night.

      2. You will be very pleased. Peter is a true perfectionist and seems to be in the kitchen to make sure the menu is executed correctly. With Peter at the helm and Ned watching over things in the dining room, I m sure you will have a lovely experience.

        1. Was just there. We enjoyed a wonderful meal, great service, and fantastic views! Loved the mushroom ravioli. Steer clear of the raspberry martini unless you like a medicinal tasting cocktail! Otherwise, wines were quite good.

          1. There was a nice piece on NPR this morning:

            I wasn't aware of this, but seems worth the trip up from Brooklyn on a nice day-looks like an easy walk from Metro North.

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            1. re: David W

              It's right in back of the Yonkers Metro Station on the 2nd & 3rd levels of the pier.

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                Great-thanks. It's on my list...

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                  Had lunch there on Sunday-an easy trip up on Metro North-turn right out of the station, take the next right (under the RR tracks) and go one block and it's just to your right, on the pier.
                  The space is very nice (including the view from the bathrooms!), and the sound level is good-not too quiet, but great for conversation.
                  For $38.00, they offered champagne, mimosa's or Kir Royal-and they were generous with refills (you didn't need to look for them when needed.)
                  Our table had a generous salad with fennel, a pretty good charcuterie plate, shellfish chowder (a little filling), and shrimp tempura (good, but just two pieces of each.)
                  Then on to Garganelli (fairly good), chicken with risotto, which was excellent, flat iron steak (very nice) and Berkshire pork, which looked good and got good reviews but I didn't have.
                  They also came around with extras (one piece each, though I guess you could ask for more) of coconut shrimp, which was crispy and good, mushroom dumpling, that I didn't care for, a nice tuna roll and a really nice lamb chop.
                  I enjoyed the pumpkin panna cotta and chocolate velvet cake for dessert-the ice cream looked good but I didn't try it. Note that coffe is an extra $4.00.
                  All in all, a very nice experience-the service was great (although there's a bit of a rush when they first open to be seated) and the combination of food and space are good. I'd try this again, maybe for dinner around sunset in the summer.

                  1. re: David W

                    Ah yes, brunch is lovely there. I know, isn't the view from the restrooms amazing??

                    Try his other restaurant in Congers, brunch is the same price, the view is less, but the food consists of mannnny more courses.

                    Panna cotta and chocolate velvet cake....oh wow. I'm glad they got rid of the pistachio cake, or whatever it was.

                    Thanks, David, I'll have to go back one of these days.