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Nov 5, 2007 12:16 PM

New Orleans 11/9-11/13

Going for a work conference from Friday - Tuesday. I have been closely following recommendations here for a while. I'm a single woman, 40, a bit alternative (a few tattoos) and just looking for great meals in nice atmospheres. I don't mind eating alone - in fact some of my best meals have been alone, meeting interesting people in my travels.

I was thinking the following -

Friday evening - Brigtsens
Saturday evening - I've been invited to a work dinner at Brennans
Sunday Evening - Wanted to do Casamentos but they are not open so I guess I'll do Acme
Monday - open
Tuesday - looking for a nice leisurely brunch - have the day to myself before a 5PM flight back to LA.

Appreciate any feedback on my choices or suggestions for my open spots. Monday night I wouldn't mind going somewhere with live music/entertainment

Thanks fellow foodies...

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  1. Try Cafe Degas on Tues. (specially if the weather is nice)
    Monday with entertainment could be a challenge...look into arnaud's (they do jazz dinners)
    Port Of Call could be alot of fun for you on monday too...your sure to make friends if you plop down at the bar.
    OMG - I almost forgot - go to Jacque-Imos - then hit the Maple Leaf (next door) for Papa Grows Funk (they've played every monday for a while now - it's great - not to miss!

      1. re: jamielynn

        For great New Orleans funk in the most authentic of New Orleans venues, head to the Maple Leaf bar, where Papa Grows Funk plays on Monday night. You can grab dinner at Jaques-Imos next door first. If you're by yourself, just grab a seat at the bar and order there.

      2. Whichever you choose, make reservations ASAP - I unfortunately waited until last week to make dinner reservations for my anniversary, and could not get a Friday night table for two between 5:30 and 9:00 at Stella, Cuvee, Arnaud's, or Brigsten's. Ended up getting squeezed in at 8 at Lilette. Must be a pretty big conference...

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        1. re: Burgoober

          10,000 ophthalmologists (and their staff) are converging on New Orleans... :)
          Thanks for the suggestions... I'm calling Brigstens tomorrow... Cafe Degas is closed but I am staying at the Hotel Monteleone so I am sure there are plenty of options for Tuesday brunch

          1. re: LCnLA

            With that many folks in town, and the scarcity of reservations (at least from what I've experienced), you might want to look into a few places that are a little off the beaten path. Two great places that spring to mind are Gautreau's and Upperline; I would imagine they might still have some dinner tables open during the conference, as they don't get as much attention as many other spots, and they're Uptown, a little further away from the convention activity. I've had wonderful meals at both. Caveat: I haven't been to either since Katrina. Maybe somebody could chime in with recent impressions...

        2. Oh, one spot that is great for solo diners - Cochon. They've got quite a bit of bar seating. I don't think I've ever read a negative review of the place.

          1. Think about Acme (or Casamentos) for a late lunch . . . we usually hit Acme for a couple of dozen oysters and a pitcher of Abita right after we check in to the hotel -- with the time change, it's around 2:30-3:00 for us, comeing in from California, and you get in right before the "after work" crowd . . . .

            Bayona is another great dinner option.

            I hope the Carosel bar is working again at the Monteleone.

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            1. re: zin1953

              Bayona is a terrific restaurant, but not the best option for dining alone. (That said, I would not have listed Brigtsen's as a great dining-alone option until I had a great meal there alone myself one time.)

              1. re: Blumie

                I don't know . . . outside table, balmy night . . . .

              2. re: zin1953

                zin- The Carousel Bar is up & spinning!

                1. re: philmaur

                  Good news . . . it wasn't 10/19-10/24!