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Nov 5, 2007 12:03 PM

Everyday Allston Village Lunch Recs?

The office just moved and I'm trying to aquaint myself to the new area. I'd like to know which you'd ranked among the better take out places, and if there is anywhere to get a decent deli sandwich or sub?

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  1. Marty's Liquors has a deli counter that does quite good sandwiches. Where exactly is the office (Harvard & Commonwealth? Brighton Avenue? Union Square?)

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      It's an easy walk to the intersection of Harvard and Brighton. That's the ideal area, but Harvard and Comm or Packards Corner would be reasonable distances on a nicer day. Never would have guessed a liquor store with a deli counter, thanks.

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        Yeah, neither would I! I think that's something that BarmyFotheringayPhipps learned about here on CH, actually.

        There's tons of great places near Brighton & Harvard, but I'm not sure of the portability of some things and I still think Marty's is your best bet for a sandwich. Another fantastic and cheap sandwich option, however, is the banh mi at Pho Viet in the Super 88 food court. Plenty of other takeaway options there as well.

        Along Brighton, heading towards Union Square, there's the crepe place (Eats and Treats). La Mamma is supposed to have good empanadas althohugh apparently the trick is to identify what's in the case and order one of the other varieties, forcing them to make it up fresh. Reef Cafe for great Lebanese food. All of those seem like good bets for takeout.

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          never had the empanadas but la mamma has good chacareros

    2. shanghi gate is great for takeout. It came reccomened by another CHer. It is right next to Great Scotts on Harvard (brookline side of Comm ave).

      1. Bagel Rising on Comm Ave near Harvard has awesome bagels and they make the BEST bagel sandwiches. Their everything bagels are the best in the city... in my opinion.

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          i'm a little fuzzy on takeout options - Bazaar probably makes sandwiches as well as Martys (Bazaar is great russian deli/store on Cambridge off Harvard) - Shanghai Gate is excellent for chinese but i've only had sitdown - three very good indian restaurants: salt and grain, punjab palace, and the one next to Carlos Cucina on Brighton off Harvard. Carlos Cucina used to make pizzas/calzones/subs for lunch. Don't know if they still do. You've moved into "inexpensive ethnic food heaven" so you really can have fun exploring - Spikes hot dogs has an emporium on Brighton about two blocks from harvard.

        2. Carlo's Cucina Italiano is super close to there and it's well worth the time. I'm pretty sure they serve lunch.

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            I agree that they're terrific, but I'm not sure they're suited to the OP's quest for quick take-out lunches! On the other hand, if you got stuck working late and wanted to treat yourself to a nice dinner out in the neighborhood afterwards, they're one of the top choices. (Along with Grain & Salt, Cafe Brazil, and Shanghai Gate.)

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              I guess I was thinking of calling ahead and going to pick up takeout. Their lunch menu is online and they have $6/$7 paninis... That's the kind of thing that I usually do for lunch, and I forgot that most people just walk up and try to order.