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Nov 5, 2007 11:52 AM

Poutine in Florida

Anyone know of a place that has poutine in Florida? I live in Orlando but travel often to Ft.lauderdale and Miami. I from 5 minutes outside of Canada and Im seriously missing the stuff! Its pretty simple to make but its hard to find cheese curd and its never the same! For those of you that arent familiar with Poutine, its a canadian dish made of homemade french fries, cheese curd, and brown gravy. ( I know sounds kina gross...but trust, its not!)

Im also missing Hostess Ketchup potato chips but luckily i can order them!


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  1. I wish it was somewhere in Florida because I have always wanted to try it!!!!

    1. Hollywood, FL draws a lot of Canadian snowbirds mostly from Quebec, and is the most likely place to find poutine. This article from about a year ago indicates that there was a hot dog stand which had poutine ->

      Here's a very old post which mentions the Dairy Belle ice cream stand in Dania (right next to Hollywood) ->

      I suspect if you walk around the Hollywood Circle area you're bound to find some.

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      1. re: Frodnesor

        You are correct. Dairy Belle sells it. They have great ice cream as well. Hard to find on the circle but you should find some on the Broadwalk. That said, try Dairy Belle. Not my thing but it is the real deal. They also have Chicago and Michigan stle dogs.

        Menu here

      2. Thanks All...I will actually be heading to Hollywood this weekend for some Le Tub so i'll try to find the poutine!

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          If you're going to the Dairy Belle, check out Tark's in Dania for clam bellies. 1317 S. Fed Hwy

        2. As for the hostess ketchup chips check your local walgreens. They carry them at the one by me but I am in North Florida.

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          1. re: carinole

            Oddly enough, Doris's on Hollywood Boulevard has Herr's ketchup chips.

            Le Tub and poutine in the same trip...that's ambitious.

          2. Hi, My family owns Dairy Belle Ice Cream in Dania Beach (118 N. Federal Hwy) 954-920-3330. We have the BEST poutine with the REAL Cheese and imported brown Gravy. You won't find any better in Florida, i promise!

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            1. re: Francois75

              Dairy Belle makes the BEST poutine--the cheese and the gravy are delish (oh I love that squeaky cheese)! I'm down the street in Hollywood and we try to make it there at least a few times a month. We love their burgers too. They also have a really charming, open-air dining area--but could you guys PLEASE get a credit card machine? We hardly ever carry cash :).

              1. re: Francois75

                I'm Canadian but living in Hollywood FL. My first time to over rated dairy belle ice cream for a poutine was a failure. The cheese is indeed squeaky but not in a good way, it was hard and non stringy. I even asked if that's the right cheese. Sorry but it was tasteless. Maybe of the fried and the gravy was hotter it would melt the cheese a little. I looked at other with pouting and they were all like mine. Blocks of hard cheese on a poutine is not Canadian. Very disappointed in what I was told was to be authentic stuff.

                1. re: Blueana

                  Mereday's Brasserie at Coconut Point Mall in Estero offers a wonderful version with duck fat gravy, mozzarella cheese curds, and Nueske's bacon. Sorry but you will have to drive to the southwest coast.