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Bavarian Inn - Schnitzel in Bragg Creek

Bagel Guy Nov 5, 2007 11:52 AM

Saturday lunch at the Bavarian Inn (Bragg Creek) ... two of us arrived, without reservations, to a very pleasant greeting by the owner. The restaurant was busy, as always. We ordered a Wiener Schnitzel entree, and the lunch Schnitzel Sandwich. Our server was pleasant, until we asked her to light the candle on the table. She responded, "No, we do not light candles at lunch." We insisted, and she reluctantly lit our candle, and then proceeded to remove all the candles on the other tables in the dining room. She delivered our lunch, made no comment, and we never saw her again until she presented us with the bill.

The food was absolutely outstanding. If you want the very best wiener schnitzel, the Bavarian Inn is the place to go. It just doesn't get any better! However, the service with an "attitude" definitely did not match the delicious lunch, perfect surroundings and the grace of the host.

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    Rudee Jun 6, 2008 04:20 PM

    Hello, I am the server with the 'attitude'. I've been at the Bavarian Inn since I was 13 and have an incredible amount of pride in that restaurant. During our lunch service in the middle of summer there are few reasons why we do not light the candles. There are large windows and plenty of natural and atmospheric light for mid-day service. Any heat that we can avoid producing, we do as it is an old building as summer ventilation isn't the best.

    Finally, in the summer there is one server at lunch who is your server, your hostess, your busser and your bartender. I was one server for the entire restaurant and the last thing I could handle would be lighting everyones candles during the middle of a rush. I would rather serve hot food and cold beverages then light un-warrented candles.

    I do remember you personally and the service you recieved. I will always prompt a table for anything else I can provide before they begin the meal and will *always* offer some sort of bon appetit before I leave the table. You also enjoyed a coffee after the meal which I returned to top up before being ignored for a moment and then asked curtely for the check.

    I thank you for the gracious comments concerning the food, we have a very small staff and we all work very hard long hours to prepare our finest. I'm glad you appreciate that aspect of the restaurant.

    Sincerly, Rudee, the one with the attitude.

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      sharonanne Jun 6, 2008 04:29 PM

      Thank you for giving us the other point of view. We don't get that very often and it helps to be reminded.

      Sounds like a good place. We'll have to try it.

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