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Nov 5, 2007 11:50 AM

Dosa's and South Indian Food - where?

Any recommendations for best dosa's in town? How about for South Indian? - thanks!

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  1. I've only had dosas at one place in Toronto, Saravan Bhavan, in Mississauga. It's not the nicest place in the city to eat dinner -- very bright flourescents, and mediocre service, but the dosas were good and I would return.
    BTW, I visited a Saravan Bhavan in Delhi and they had the Mississauga location listed on the paper placemat. It's a small world...

    1. Rashnaa - for both.

      307 Wellesley St E, Toronto, ON M4X1H2, CA

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          I really enjoyed the food at Anjappar Chettinad. There are a few locations I believe. I visited the one in Brampton.

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            Only been once but their Crab curry and eggplant curry were pretty good. Their chicken 65 tasted like pakoras that were a touch bland.

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            I feel it's relevant to add that Udupi Palace is, I believe, entirely vegetarian.

            1. Saravana bhavan. Mcowan and Finch, best masala dosas/veggie dosas/any dosas.
              But if you can't get up there, then rashnaa will do.

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                I have only tried Udupi Palace, which was wonderful. I googled Saravana bhavan because it is closer to me and saw they had the above location plus two others, including one in Richmond Hill, which is closer to me. Suresh, Do you know if the R.H. location is the same quality as the one you mention?

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                  Hey minday,
                  Personally I find that the Scarborough location is slightly better in terms of consistency. 20+ visits and everytime it tastes great, and can't say the same for RH...I heard the classic rumour (and this may be JUST a rumour) that the cooks at the scarborough location were hired from India.
                  Here's a link on what to try, with some photos...

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                    Thank you so much, Suresh, I know where I'll be eating this weekend!

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                      I highly recommend that you share some dishes along with your dosa. The thali gives you a very good crash course in how indian lunches are served, and the poori is divine.

                      IMO, When most people think about indian food, they think about how much they love Naans and Butter chicken. Pooris are much more flavourful and absorb sauces/curries better than naan. Try one.

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                        I agree completely about the poori. It's utterly delicious, even just eaten on its own (which is how I enjoy it best). Anyone who limits themselves to naan is missing out on a wonderful world of Indian breads.

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                          YES, the indians love to eat it by itself.
                          Pooris are best complimented by Channa curries and thin fish curries. not "that good" with thick beef dishes (but hey, if you like it, eat it up!)

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                            Hey, deep fried is always more tasty than baked! :-)

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                            I have had good experience with Thali and love Dosa, but don't believe I have ever had the pleasure of Poori, which I am excited to try. I have been fortunate to have an Indian friend teach me about South Indian food, as I was much more accustomed to other regions of Indian food and for any one who likes Indian and doesn't know South Indian, I highly recommend it, and Suresh, your link provides a great primer for novices like me, so thanks again.

                  2. Sometimes if I'm in a hurry, I just get a takeout Dosa from the Motimahal -- on the same strip as Udupi Palace but much more basic (the Indo-Canadian friend who first took me there calls it MacCurry's). I get the Masala Dosa (or Dosa Masala?) which is mostly potato. They serve it with a thin but super-spicy dal. I'm never sure if that's meant for dipping or eating separately, but I always enjoy it with tears streaming down my cheeks from the heat.