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Desperately Seeking Kolaches

Does anyone know where to find individual fruit Kolaches (not the rolled kind) in LA, OC, IE.. anywhere in SoCal ??

pic http://www.flickr.com/photos/thechurc...

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  1. Would you consider making them? My mother neighbor makes wonderful ones, I can get the recipe if you would like

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      I am considering it.. I would definitely buy some from an at home baker also. That's what we did when visiting my grandma in Kansas when I was a kid. Bought them from ladies who baked at home.
      I'd love to see the recipe, thank you so much for the kind offer : ) sirena_socal@sbcglobal.net

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        Please post any recipes on the Home Cooking board - the poster is welcome to post a link to that thread here.


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      1. What about the kind filled with eggs or meat - does anyone know of a place in Los Angeles to get these? There is a Kolache Factory in the Indianapolis airport that we've tried several times now and it is a great mix of Asian dumplings/Western fillings.

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          I have seen those types of Kolaches on the Kolache Factory website. They ship all sorts of things http://www.kolachefactory.com/

          I am primarily interested in the Czech style fruit ones.

        2. Call Chef Wolfgang at 3 Square Cafe on Abbott Kinney. He used to bake kolaches for breakfast before the cafe got really swamped. I remember last year at Rockewnagner, they had the blueberry and raspberry kind. They were really good, especially when newly baked :)

          3 Square Cafe + Bakery

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            Thanks for the post. I called them and they no longer have them and do not take special orders :( drats!

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            1. BTW, What is a kolache?

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                Kolaches are delicious. They're pastries that you can get filled with either fruit or sweet cheese (my favorite). I haven't found these since leaving Chicago, with all of its wonderful Polish bakeries. Yum. Now I want kolaches too.

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                  here's a pic they are great, the bread part is very simple tasting. it is not a sweet and buttery as traditional danishes. http://www.flickr.com/photos/thechurc...

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                    Mmmm looks delish... like sweet hamburger buns with fruit filling