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Rice Krispy Treats without marshmallows?

Does anybody have a recipe for Rice Krispy treats made without marshmallows? I've seen a peanut butter version that uses corn syrup, but nothing for the standard version.

I'm a vegetarian and virtually all marshmallows contain gelatin. Oddly enough, Fluff doesn't. Could it be as easy as substituting the weight in marshmallows with the same weight in Fluff? Has anyone tried that?

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  1. I'm in the same boat and use fluff to similar results. Not AS good, but good enough for a fix when you've gotta have them (I get cravings for some reason ... never liked them as a kid).

    if you check out the fluff Web site, they have the correct measurements.

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      Thanks! I probably wouldn't have used an entire jar of Fluff so seeing an actual recipe is a great help.

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        I made some bars with generic fluff. Ingredients of that fluff include egg whites, xanthan gum, and lactic acid. There is also corn syrup. This may be acceptable according to some vegetarian rules, but pushing the bounds of propriety for others. Then there's the margarine or butter that the recipe calls for.


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          Why does corn syrup "push the bounds" for some vegetarians? I never heard of that. I know vegans won't eat honey, but I didn't know there could be an issue with corn syrup for vegetarians.

    2. Kosher marshmallows don't have gelatine in them, do they?

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        All the ones I have seen do. They just use kosher (animal-based) gelatin.

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          Kosher marshmallows use VEGETABLE based gelatin. If you look at the package, it should say "pareve" - which means there is neither meat nor milk ingredients in the product.

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            I have learned that in Jewish law fish is not meat. Therefore, fish gelatin can be used to make marshmallows. They're kosher, and meatless according to Jewish law. But since I consider fish to be meat, as I believe most vegetarians do, Kosher marshmallows won't work.

            Here's an example of Kosher marshmallows which are marked pareve but contain fish gelatin: http://www6.ivenue.com/holonfoods/ite...

            So...if it doesn't explicity list "non-animal gelatin" or "vegetable-based gelatin" in the ingredients, I tend to be suspicious.

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              I didn't know that. Hmmm. Interesting.

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            Fish is Pareve. Most of the Kosher marshmallows specifically state they have fish gelatin in them, though a few have veg product. They'll state the type on the bag.

            The marshmallows I find that are Kosher for Passover are veg, though. I usually buy a few bags.

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              i have seen marshmellows with bovine gelatin as well.

        2. You might try these if you live near a store that carries them.

          1. The Rice Krispie recipe http://www.ricekrispies.com/Display.a...
            says marshmallow creme can be substituted for fresh marshmallows. What about making homemade marshmallows? If you omit the gelatin you'd probably end up with homemade fluff ... there's a recipe at Food Network http://www.foodnetwork.com/food/recip... that's similar to Martha Stewart's (both of which call for gelatin however). Otherwise Vegan essentials sells marshmallows and creme: http://www.veganessentials.com/catalo...

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              Thanks maplesugar! I think I'll try swapping Fluff for marshmallows in the standard recipe and see how that goes. I might also try making my own marshmallows - I have a box of vegetable-based gelatin that I could use.

            2. Many years ago I used chopped dates in place of marshmallows to make Rice Krispy treats...

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                A favorite childhood christmas sweet, and one I make now occasionally, was a 'date ball" made from chopped dates, butter, Rice Krispys and I believe nuts or coconut. You should be able to find one easily at an "all recipies" type site, or in a junior league type cookbook.

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                  I was surprised to see www.ricekrispies.com has a rather large collection of rice krispie recipes both sweet and savory.

              2. I've had treats that use peanut butter instead of marshmallows. Quite good.

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                  Do you have a recipe? I'd love to give them a try!

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                    I just made chocolate scotcheroos yesterday. No marshmallows. You cook sugar and corn syrup until it starts to boil then add peanut butter . Then cereal.

                2. Halal Markets may also have marshmellows that do not contain geletain.

                  I've also seen recipes containing golden syrup instead of marshmallows, some w/ peanut butter and chocolate.

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                    halaal markets have marshmellows which contain gelatin, but it isn't a pork gelatin, it is a bovine gelatin. I have also seen halaal marshmellows with agar agar, but they are hard and not a good texture.

                  2. Melt good chocolate and use that to bind the rice cereal. Try puffed brown rice, instead of RK cereal. It has a much nicer flavor.

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                      Great suggestions! I can't wait to get started!

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                        I JUST made the NY Times browned butter rice krispy treats recipe, but using Erewon's brown puffed rice cereal. They're completely delicious and have a lot more substance and "nutty" flavor.

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                          Sounds like a Puffed Wheat Square...ah the dessert of my childhood -- corn syrup, cocoa powder, vegetable based margarine, brown sugar, and puffed wheat. No Rice Krispie square but delicious nonetheless...

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                          or better yet, try some good white chocolate...

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                            was gonna be my suggestion too :)

                        3. I love the peanut butter/butterscotch treats with the chocolate center. I haven't made them in quite a while. Looks like I will be making some treats this week. Yumm!

                            1. The marshmallows provides sugar, which is the binder in the RK treats. Without it, the bars won't solidify and will just be an oily mess.

                              Try using a recipe for popcorn balls. I simply use a sugar syrup made into caramel instead of corn syrup (vegans may be opposed to corn syrup and HFCS, as well as the fact that sugar is bleached using bones).

                              1. I could swear Cristina on Cristina Cooks made some using brown rice syrup but after looking through both current recipes and the archives I came up empty. So I did a search on brown rice krispy treats and found this blog entry complete with picture. http://yeahthatveganshit.blogspot.com...

                                *Warning* blog title and substance contain profanity but like an 8 year old somehow I find it more funny than off-putting.

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                                  We never used to use marshmallows, I think that is an American addition.
                                  For old fashioned Golden Pops you'll need:
                                  3oz R K
                                  4tbsp golden syrup
                                  0.5 oz sugar
                                  0.5 oz butter
                                  Heat all except RK in pan till dissolved. Boil for 1 minute. Mix and push into pan. Cut in squares and cool.

                                2. I've had these vegan marshmallows before. They are pretty decent.


                                  1. I am a culinary genious... I have been scouring the internet looking for a healthy substitute for marshmallows in RiceKrispies Treats. My first thought was correct. honey and cornstartch. My first experiment was about 1/4 cup Honey and 8tsp Cornstartch. All other ingreedients normal.