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Nov 5, 2007 11:19 AM

Alaska (Anchorage) Bests?

I am heading to the state for the first time this weekend from Seattle. I am looking to have fun and explore- plus I am going to have more free time/ time to myself then I thought. What are local favorites or stand by's? Advice regarding best- Beer(brewpub), Pizza, Burger, Steak, Mexican(only because it is the local friend's favorite*), Bakery, Sandwich, etc. etc. would be great! Feel free to suggest anything! Fyi- I will be in the area Friday-Tuesday if that helps. Thanks~

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  1. What part of town are you staying in and will you have wheels? Here are my favorites when "in the city".

    Glacier Brewhouse - downtown on 5th ave. They brew their own beer and have samplers but I go for the food. Tahini salad, thai chicken pizza, plus meats and seafood. But don't pass up the wood oven baked bread pudding with whiskey sauce.

    Orso - its brother next door serves good italian

    Simon and Seaforts - also downtown overlooking the inlet. Love it for drinks and apps in the bar at sunset - which this time of year is at about 4pm

    Just up from Simons on the corner of 4th is a little deli kind of place that I just can't remember the name of but love it for breakfast or lunch.

    Do the drive to Girdwood and have dinner at the Double Musky or if that doesn't work, stop at the Turnagain House and have a lovely BLT.

    Marx Bros is a small restaurant in an old house downtown with great food.

    Snow Goose Brewery is a lovely open space with brew pub feel

    Jens in midtown serves great food and at 10pm Jens will open the doors to the wine bar and play Layla on the stereo.

    Club Paris is a bar/rest. downtown on 5th with excellent steaks - my favorite is the blue cheese stuffed baseball cut sirloin. Sullivans in the 5th ave mall is reported to be great as well but I've not been there personally.

    Then there is this family owned Thai place on Muldoon - right side as you head south not far from the Glenn Hwy but I can't remember the name of it either. Its next to an A-frame building if you happen to be driving that area.


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      Is the Double Musky closed durning November? Some sights say it is but their website doesn't state that fact... Thanks for the suggestions!

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        They usually close some time in the fall but I'd just give them a call the day before to check. The drive itself is well worth it if the day is nice.

    2. Best Beer & Pizza - Moose’s Tooth also try the Bear’s Tooth (also excellent root beer)
      Best Burger – Tom’s Burger Stop (and best cheese steaks)
      Best Steak – Club Paris
      Best Mexican – I love La Mex, but I could see someone not liking it.
      Best Bakery – We don’t really have a great bakery. L’Aroma and Europa are both good, but I’ve never been blown away by either of them.
      Best Sandwich – Middle Way Café
      Best Breakfast – Used to be Snow City Café, but they aren’t closes to how good they used to be. Try either Café Croissant or Café Amsterdam (my wife is addicted to their waffles.)
      If Double Musky is closes try Maxine’s Glacier City Bistro.
      Enjoy Anchorage