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Nov 5, 2007 11:14 AM

Has Joan's on Third's Expansion Opened Yet?

If so, what's it like?

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  1. There was another thread saying that it's open and it's pricey. $19.00 for a take-out Cobb Salad? No thanks!

    1. It opened awhile ago..

      ..It's much larger, which is nice, although when I went in for the first time after the expansion just last week it was all still very confusing where you go - there's the deli side, the cheese side, the checkout side, the bakery side, etc.. but, the staff is as pleasant as ever.

      I generally just go there for cheese, because I find the people behind the cheese counter very helpful, and the $12 cheese plate makes a nice midday pick-me-up, especially if you're wanting to try new cheese but not sure which ones. I've always found their deli stuff to be overpriced, but it is good.

      1. i would also add that besides the space being larger, the selection has not changed very much. Still the same great stuff but nothing that wowed me besides the fact i could now move around,