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Nov 5, 2007 11:09 AM

Restaurant Gift Certificate ideas please!

I would like to spend about $100 on a gift certificate (dinner for 2) for a food lover currently residing in NYC. I am pretty clueless about what's hot out there right now so I was hoping some of you Chowhounders could help me out. She likes Marlow & Sons, Spotted Pig, Blaue Gans, and Cafe Sabarsky.

Thanks in advance!

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  1. Hi umami,

    $100 is not a lot for dinner for 2 even if you exclude alcohol, so I will pick restaurants with a bar area with dishes in smaller sizes (and less expensive). Some places I can think of are Gramercy Tavern (at the Tavern Room), Bar at the Modern, Blue Smoke (BBQ), or Landmarc.

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      Alas, I live in California and when I stated looked at some menus and prices I realized that $100 does not get you far in New York. I was considering Bar at the Modern. Have you been?

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        Hi umami,

        I have been to The Bar Room at the Modern numerous times. The food is decent, some are great and some are ok. In NYC it is certainly considered a bargain. The decor is very sleek and "modern" (duh...) and you friends can do some people watching while enjoying the food. $100 should get them enough food if they are not big big eaters. It is appealing to many people who like hippy places with food and drinks (they have a great bar)

        Here is the link to the restaurant:

        There is a main dining room right next to the bar. That is for prix-fix and tasting menu and is a lot more expensive. So the Bar Room is a better option for your friends.

    2. These places aren't "hot", but if you would like to stick within a $100 budget, you could get a gift card from Tour de France which owns French bistros around the city. I like Nice Matin on the upper west side and Cafe d'Alsace on the upper east, I haven't frequented their other spots.

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        We just had a bang up meal for 3 people at Vice Versa and the total with tip included was $184 Incl. 1 bottle of wine so I figure that your $100 will go a long way and the food, ambience and service are super!