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Nov 5, 2007 10:17 AM

Do Ice-cream and Wine go together???

I am not sure, if one can have Ice-cream and wine as dessert?

If yes, then could you recommend some combinations.


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  1. The answer is definitely yes...

    My two favorite pairings for "ice cream" are PX Sherry and especially Liqueur Muscat.

    As for specific ice creams, if you're pairing with Liqueur Muscat, then look for vanilla, ginger, medium & darker chocolates, coffee, and/or orange ice cream flavors to create a tremendous pairing....

    If pairing with PX Sherry, then look for ice cream with nuts, dried fruit chunks, and/or vanilla flavorings.

    Lastly, the ice cream pairing gambit opens up opportunities to serve a combo dessert incorporating I.C. like chocolate cake and ___ ice cream with a Liquer Muscat or Pecan Pie with vanilla I.C. ala mode with PX Sherry....

    1. Certainly, try it with a nice vintage Port.

      1. Try a sweet madeira (bual or malmsey). These both have a nutty/vanilla/caramel sense to them which matches well with all but the fruit based ice-creams.

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          Also Rivesaltes Ambre. Not as good a pairing as the sweeter Madeira wines, but I ran out of my 15 year old Malmsey and opened a bottle of Ambre for guests tonight. Sort of a junior-varsity Bual in some respects... Grenache Blanc instead of Boal or Malvasia, but otherwise made in a very similar fashion.

          Oloroso sherry can be very tasty with eg. nut-flavored gelato, as well.

          Gingerbread and pumpkin seem to bring out the best in sweet Madeira, by contrast.

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            Tim: Do you think that would pair well with an Obie Burger from Ithaca? Phi Alpha

        2. I have never tried this but have been told that warmed Gluwine (sp?) with cinnamon over over vanilla ice cream is a great combo.

          1. I love a zinfandel port and Blue Bell vanilla ice cream.