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Nov 5, 2007 10:10 AM

Nice Dinner in Dallas

I'm visiting from the Austin board. In a few weeks I'll be visiting Dallas and going out for a nice dinner at a place of my choice. I've asked a few Dallas friends for their opinion, but I'm having a hard time figuring out whether their suggestions were for restaurants that truly have excellent food, or for just the next trendy place to dine. If you were in my situation where would you choose? Thanks!

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  1. Pretty much everyone who posts on this board will give you the same list: York Street, Lola, Stephen Pyles, Fearing's, Local, and maybe a couple of others. What is the occasion? Is the wine list very important? What about ambience - how formal (or informal) do you want it? In any case, you can't go wrong with any I've mentioned.

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    1. We really like Dragon fly. It has a lot of ambience.

      1. The two expensive places in Dallas that I want to eat at most are York St. and Pappas Brothers. Local and even Stephen Pyle's are places that you can go by yourself on a random (week)night and get a nice dinner.

        1. Check around and read the reviews on Fearings. That place is suppose to be outstanding. It was rated best by restaurant of the year by Esquire. I also liked Craft when I went.

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            Ive eaten at Fearings 4 times now. The food is very good. But, its overpriced, and the service has been below average each time. I had a 5-6 ounce buffalo tenderloin for $46. I was shocked at how small the dinner was. Desserts were equally small but fantastic. The congestion in the driveway on a weekend at prime time is also horrendous. Id consider: Pyles, York St, N9ne, Al's, Pappa's, Bijoux, Abacus, Nobu, amd Lola long before Fearings.

          2. What part of town? If you are more northerly check out III Forks for high-end steaks or even better, Mercury Grill at Preston and Forest. Couscous Carbonara baby!