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Nov 5, 2007 10:06 AM

Vidalia menu recommendations

I'll be heading to Vidalia in a few weeks with friends, and would love your recommendations on the following menu:


1. Oyster Pan Roast
2. Vidalia's Crab Cake

Or should I get their five-onion soup or seasonal soup?


1. Shrimp and Grits
2. Roasted Halibut


1. Georgia Pecan Tart
2. Seasonal Fruit Tart

This is my first time at Vidalia, so if you have menu recommendations other than the ones above please let me know.


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  1. If they still have the lemon chess pie I highly recommend it. The pecan tart isn't bad, but with how easy it is to find or make good pecan pie I wouldn't go for that option, but of course to each their own I am sure it is more chocolatey and sweet if you are into that.

    I thought the shrimp and grits were ok, but as a southerner they were not what I was expecting and I was a little disappointed, if you are not from the south I don't know that you would have that reaction though, and it is considered one of their signature dishes.

    I haven't had either of those apps so I can't comment on them.

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      I'm not from the South but my boyfriend and I were a little disappointed with their shrimp and grits when we went for lunch awhile back. I haven't tried to halibut though.

    2. It's been 8 years but the crab cake was phenomenal when I had it in 1999.

      1. Last spring, my husband and I visited Charleston, SC during which time we ate shrimp and grits three times during our three-day visit. (Hominy Grille, Magnolia's and S.N.O.B.) A couple of months after that trip, I ate Vidalia's version. Their rendition was shockingly mediocre. I'm at a loss to explain the reputation this dish enjoys in the DC area.

        1. The items you mention are on their special events menu. Are you going with a group?
          If not the latest menu is posted @ As will they change the tasting menu daily and the a la carte menu bi weekly

          1. I'm not from the south. Maybe that's why I think the shrimp and grits are great there. I've been three times and can never bring myself to order anything else...

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              Whatever you do, make sure you try the mac and cheese. mmmmm.....