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Nov 5, 2007 09:42 AM

Goin' to Kansas City

KC Hounds,

Headed to KC next weekend. Staying at the Marriott Downtown (12th St).

Have been a few times before: Majestic Steakhouse, Arthur Bryants, Gates, Jax Stack, Garazzo's.

The crew I'm rolling with will want to keep it fairly mainstream: Italian, Hunks o' Beef, Cal-Ital, Mediterranean, Tapas, BBQ, "American", etc... but I could probably talk them into something exotic if it was really notable.

Pricewise- I'd want to try The American Restaraunt if we could afford it but we need to stay a tier lower than that.

Would like to keep it w/in 10 miles or so of the hotel so the cab fare isn't a zillion dollars.

Snappy Cocktails a must!


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  1. You'll be 2 blocks from the Mango Room, 12th and Main. It should have something for all your crew.

    1. If snappy cocktails you seek, snappy cocktails you shall have! Try Seven at 7th and Walnut-ish. They feature a martini menu based on the seven deadly sins. I quite enjoyed Wrath, a mostly vodka bloody mary interpretation. Gluttony looked amazing, but it will have to wait until next time. The restaurant morphs into a night club as the evening progresses. In my opinion the drinks are superb, the people watching is great, and the food is very good.

      1. Here's my run-down of suggestions for that area (Downtown and Crossroads) and price range-
        Tapas- La Bodega They have awesome sangria happy hour specials as well.
        Notable and New "American"- Michael Smith's- Local chef's new restaurant. Highly reccomended to me.
        Not sure about Cal-Ital, but there's Pizza Bella, certified Italian wood-oven pizzas (more of a lunch kind of place though) and Seven, more northern Italian, the actual food is a lot better than it sounds on the menu and it's a cool atmosphere even just to grab drinks.
        And my all-time favorite place for drinks: JP Wine Bar Wine and scotch flights, tons of other drinks. Enjoy!

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          JP also has an excellent small plate menu and fantastic cheese flights (with lots of accessories).

        2. Great info one and all. Keep 'em coming and I'll give a dining report ex post visito.

          1. La Bodega, La Bodega, La Bodega. It has the best Happy Hour and Tapas in the city.
            I'm also a fan of Shiraz (320 SW Blvd) check out the pomegranate hummus. And sneak into Chris Elbow's new place in the a.m. for a cup of coffee and a fine chocolate. The bathroom there is also the spiffiest in town.

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              Is Shiraz even open? We tried going a year ago and it was closed up. Edit: Didn't realize this was an old post until after I hit submit.