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Nov 5, 2007 09:36 AM

Recent Visit to Lineage, Brookline, Just OK

I've been there a few times, and usually enjoy it, and think that it is close to some of the places in the south end. This time we were disappointed, maybe because the food doesn't seem to change too much. Nothing obviously wrong with dinner, just not too exciting. Had a bunch of apps, as they sounded better than the entree's. The charcuterie was a disappointment. The terrine (pork?) was OK, but the pate mousse, was not that good and they gave a lot of it. That was about it for the dish except some cornichons. I would have thought you should have had some cured meats with it, at least that's what I consider chartuterie. Also had a beet salad (competent prep) and some oysters, which were very good and fresh. Someone had their gnocchi, which is pan seared after being cooked, and then tossed in a brown butter. Very good and always the best dish we have. Since apps were not enough, I got a burger (nothing else sounded good to me). Burger was good, but I hate the bread. Its some sort of challah bun, which they also serve a derivation of as the bread for the table.

Service was good, wine was reasonable, and actually pretty good selection for a local place. Apps were in the $12-$18 range, Entrees in the $22-$28 range.

Overall, its good to have a local joint that's close to city quality without having to deal with parking in town, but for the price seems like there's not a great price/quality ratio.

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  1. I agree. We've eaten there twice and were underwhelmed both times. My husband's fish was a little overdone the night we ate there, and there were no vegetables served with the (very expensive) dinner. Cocktails were mediocre, service was pleasant but disorganized. Best thing in the whole place is the chef's wife's butterscotch pudding for dessert. And don't bother with Sunday brunch --it was definitely Busy Bee quality. We won't be going back there again, though it's a cute place. Their website says there's a dollar menu at cocktail hour, but no one in the restaurant knew anything about it. That's what kind of place it is.

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      went twice - found the fish very good, the service disorganized, the prices too high, and the sense of self over-inflated. also not particularly comfortable place for the high-end presentation it wants to make. in brookline, for quality, La Morra has it beat.