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Nov 5, 2007 08:42 AM

Nostrand Tavern

Drove past this over the weekend. Looks like a new place. I think it was a block or two north of President St. in Crown Heights. Has anyone tried it?

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  1. I thought it was doneski! In a previous incarnation--I'm pretty sure they've been shuttered for a while--it was a really valiant effort. They were trying to serve restaurant quality food (which, as you may know, is still scarce in that nabe) in a restaurant environment (even more scarce) with a bar in front that would be the focus of a neighborhood scene. At the time--this was what, maybe three years ago???--no other establishment came close that far east, so they got major points for trying. Since then, we have Cafe Enduro a little further west, in P-LG, which has pulled off that particular trifecta IMHO, so the comparison may be useful.

    The problem with Tavern on Nostrand used to be that the restaurant wasn't really ALL that inviting (it was certainly nicely decorated but awfully bright), and the two times we went, the small bar scene drowned out the even smaller dining scene (it was a noisy space, with a taller ceiling than Enduro--which is also noisy, but darker and somehow, being almost always full, more welcoming). But the food was tasty--a notch or two better than Enduro, aiming for comfort food w/ a southern bias as I recall, instead of Brooklyn Mex--and we kind of set it down as the place we would go to coming back from the country at 8:30 at night on a Sunday. But we never got around to going back, and then it closed. Or at least I think it did.

    If you are trolling President Street in Crown Heights, I am thinking you must be a local, so please post a report if you dine there, as the nabe is reasonably active (we have our very own blogs!) and supporting local business is so important.

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      It may be awhile before I'm able to try it, but I am a near-local (live in PLG) and just advertised it (and chowhound) on our neighborhod Yahoo discussion group. So hopefully someone will try it soon and give a report!

      1. re: dan1970

        The Tavern on Nostrand is definately open.

    2. I ate at Tavern on Nostrand with my girlfriend on Saturday. I had the fried chicken and she had the roast chicken. It was very good, and I am in love with the mac n cheese side. The waitress was sweet but didn't understand what beer "on tap" is, apparently. Also, the bartender and a couple of patrons were watching a LOUD action movie on the TV, and it was a bit of a mood-killer and not in tune with the decor and ambience. We will go back, but hope that the TV choice will be not so intrusive.