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Cafe Luigi's- Bedford

How many chowhounds have been here? Went for the 2nd time to this restaurant. The owners also own Mario's in Lexington Center (been there also- less formal- limited menu). I love Luigi's. Both times I had the Frutte Di Mare with Fra Diavolo sauce and the 2nd time was even better than the 1st time. The bowl is filled with huge chuncks of lobster- huge shrimps and huge scallops all over linguine. The sauce is really delicious but I am amazed at how much fish is in this dish and I think they only charge $14.95. You could not buy all that fish for that price...

Other guests got chicken parm with angel hair and one got veal parm with lasagna. The size of the cutlets were very generous and the lasagna was huge.

This is fast becoming one of my favs for italian in the 'burbs.

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  1. I really like Luigi's in Bedford. It's simple, cheap, stick-to-your-ribs chow.

    1. I went to Luigi's in Bedford a couple of weeks ago for lunch. I got the veal parmesan with rigatoni. The food was excellent. The veal was fork tender and their tomato sauce is very good. Where can you get veal parm with pasta for only $7.99. I also got a large order of fried calamari. The calamari were also very good and tender. I couldn't eat it all so I took the rest home. I have been going to Luigi's in Bedford for years.

      1. It's very retro. Old fashioned standards such as veal parm. Reasonably priced and ok but not exceptional. I prefer Abbondonza in Norwood, Canestaros in the Fenway, Fiorellas in Newton, and Joe & Maria's in Norwood, all of which are in the same price range as Luigis. Slightly more upscale and a real find is Basil's on Frairy St. in Medfield.

        1. Haven't been in years, but I used to really like the chicken verdicchio, with really tender chicken, artichokes, mushrooms and lots of garlic in a white wine-butter sauce. Anyone know if it is still on the menu?

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            Yes, it is.


            Cafe Luigi
            152 Great Rd Ste 2, Bedford, MA 01730

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              Thanks! I guess I didn't google it very well. I'll need to check it out and see if it is still as yummy.
              By the way, is there still a long wait at dinner time? Maybe take-out is the way to go.

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                There is a long line Th -Sun, typically, when I pass by on my way to Whole Foods. I

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                Got take-out chicken verdicchio last night (on a take-out roll for a few nights). Everything coming out of the kitchen looked like great classic red-sauce Italian-American. The pasta would have been really good, with really tender chicken, artichokes, sun-dried tomatoes, mushrooms and capers, a bit of garlic, white wine and butter, but it was loaded with mushy, pre-sliced California olives. Just crying out for Mediterranean olives. I'd stick with the old-school stuff.

            2. Love Luigi. Good, non-fancy food with a non-fancy price. You can use the money you save to tip the waitstaff well--they work hard.

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                We had dinner there last night,,,great food, good size portions, great service, and good price.

              2. Happiness is a plate of linguine and calamari at lunch here! The pasta could do with a bit more salt but I guess in these times you have to add it yourself. Apart from that it was very good as is the bread. Still very busy so make sure you get here before noon. Service is as always very friendly. Prices haven't gone up in a long time and this is a really good value.

                Cafe Luigi
                152 Great Rd Ste 2, Bedford, MA 01730

                1. It's one of my favrorites. They offer a choice of sauces for the Frutti di Mare, and upon request will give you a mix of marinara and alfredo, for a cheesy tomato cream sauce, my favorite. Two caveats for those who haven't been there: the waiting area is tiny, so the line is often out the door, and because of the tile floor, the acoustics are bad. If the place is busy, which it usually is, you'll find yourself almost shouting in order to converse with your companions.

                  1. Went today and tried something different, Linguine and Meatballs. I was curious what $5.99 would get you but it was really nice, moist and flavorful meatballs, nice sauce.


                    1. Stopped by Cafe Luigi in Bedford today for an old lunch favorite of mine. Made sure I got there early, at 12:15 there was a line waiting for a table. The service never suffers even when they are full.
                      I had the lunch Calamari and Linguine, very simple but nicely done even if the Calamari was on the verge of being overcooked, never happened before. The pasta needed more salt but I guess you have to put up with that in these healthy times.