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Nov 5, 2007 08:37 AM

Bangalore, Delhi, Agra [Moved from International board]

Hello, I'm traveling to India with a group of co-workers. We'll be spending the majority of our time in Bangalore with side trips to Mysore, Delhi and Agra. Any recommendations for Bangalore would be most appreciated! Thanks.

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  1. Plenty of good meals to be had in Bangalore!

    I had a particularly enjoyable breakfast at Mavalli Tiffin Room, something of a Bangalore institution. A very local place -- always a good thing. Fantastic dosa and 'karabhat upma'; although I grew up eating a lot of 'real' Indian food in Singapore, I never thought dosa could be THIS good.

    There's also a great Mangalorean seafood restaurant called Kudla's. I believe it's in the Hotel Ramanshree. If you've never had Mangalorean style seafood, oh you are in for A TREAT. Koti roti. Assorted types of curry and crabs and prawns. Mangalorean seafood is fantastic, and Kudla's is possibly the best place for it. Very affordable too.

    Closer to 'town', Bheema's on Church Street (near Brigade Road, the 'centre' of town) has good Andhra food. Andhra food is rather spicy so if you don't take to spice well, be sure to tell them to tone it down. But oh, that Andhra briyani.. and fried pomfret!

    K.C. Das also on Church Street for authentic Bengali sweets (out of this world if you have a sweet tooth, though Indian sweets can take some getting used to: a must have is the gulab jamun, misti doi, and sandesh).. KC Das is a famed sweetmaker from Kolkata. Probably can't get good Bengali sweets unless you go to Kolkata yourself, or go to this one in Bangalore.

    Ask if your local co-workers are willing to take you to Food Street. Well worth it for the experience, and the food.

    If you don't know many people in Bangalore, a good thing to do is to go to an English language bookshop (in town), and get yourself a copy of the several guides to Bangalore restaurant. Several publishers put this one, one by Times of India, and there's a better one I can't remember now.. (Bangalore Restaurants 2008? Bangalore Food and Restaurants 2008? Outlook India guide? Just browse through and pick your favourite). The listings are pretty accurate with good reviews; also included are informational pieces on various aspects of each city's food scene.

    Lastly, I doubt you're looking for 'other cuisines' during your time in Bangalore but if you ever are: Nilgiri's Nest has a nice cafe, i.tal.ia at The Park hotel has decent Italian (by Indian standards, anyway, and is suitably priced). There's also a good Malaysian/Singapore place -- and authentic, compared to the "Indian Chinese" fare that I still cannot stomach -- it's called.. SHIOK. Which is what we Singaporeans say about food that's so good it hits a sweet spot.

    (One more thing. Do shop at The Bombay Store on MG Road! Not the cheapest, but it's a lovely department store with an excellent selection of Indian produce, tea, clothes, accessories, souvenirs, etc.)

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      Oh yes, yes! Mavalli Tiffin Room was the very first restaurant I ate at when I visited Bangalore for the first time, and it was a truly memorable experience. Everything tasted so good!

      How about Karavali at the Taj Gateway - the food was so absolutely delicious. When I ate there, I thought I'd died & gone to food heaven!