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Nov 5, 2007 08:32 AM

Best bakeries for bread in Hollywood?

Since I'll be at the Arclight for the AFI Fest all week, I'll be missing my usual Culver City farmers' market breads (like from Rockenwagner and the Bread Man), and I'm wondering if there's any bakery that has great bread or rolls in the Hollywood area. I'd rather not buy from a supermarket if I don't have to, but I have no other parameters.

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  1. No, not in Hollywood proper. It's pretty much La Brea Bakery or nothing, and if you've already gone that far you might as well continue on to Breadbar.
    Here's a thread that addressed the lack of good pastries as well as bread in the area:

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      Yes, I read that thread with disappointment, but since I'm open to non-European bakeries as well, I'm still holding out hope that someone knows a place that might not have come up in response to tastycakes' query.

    2. A little to the West is the Russian bakery next the WeHo Whole Foods. Good dark breads. Canters has a decent rye.