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Nov 5, 2007 08:24 AM

Federal Hill with a Toddler

I have one chance of dinner in Providence for a weekend. We are bringing my 16 month old daughter and I was thinking of Federal Hill. As I've never been to Providence, need some suggestions for the right kind of place to go with a toddler on a Sat or Sun night.


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  1. Hi Phil,

    As a parent of two youngsters myself, I know your dilemma. I haven't been to too many places on Federal Hill, but I can't think of any of the ones that I have been too as "kid-friendly." There are a few places I like to go when I have the kids; LJs BBQ, this is actually on East Ave in Pawtucket (literally across the street from Providence) if you like the BBQ thing...they do have a kids menu. Other than that I usually take them to Providence Place Mall where there are your standard chain places, Cheesecake Factory, Unos, Joes, etc. And Dave and Busters which is my son's favorite place on earth...the food isn't all that good but fun for kids (maybe not a 16 m/o). But when I have the kids i don't even think about about Fed Hill, because I don't know of any kid friendly places, and parking can be a pain especially if the weather is bad...perhaps others know of a kid friendly place there, but I am drawing a blank.

    good luck,

    1. Is he well-behaved? ie, will he stay in his high chair for the duration, or at least on a lap w/out insisting on getting down and moving around? Will he color or play quietly w/a couple of smallish toys? If yes to both I'd actually take him to any restaurant, but I'd be there when the doors opened for dinner, 5 or 5:30. Maybe not the highest tier....Siena, Contantino's, Mediterreano.....but definitely Caffe Dolce Vita, Casserino's. Maybe Andinos?

      OH - I'm forgetting the obvious!!! ANGELO'S! Family type place, red-sauce italian, good solid food, cheap.

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        I was going to say Angelo's too! It would be the perfect place to have a family dinner.

      2. I'd recommend Red Stripe, in Wayland Square. It's a French bistro, neighborhood style place, slightly upscale, but the prices are excellent, the food very good, and they even have a kids menu and great desserts, so in the early part of the evening there are almost always a few kids there.

        1. I'd recomend anyplace on DePasquale Square, as long as you sit outside. Cafe Dolce Vita, Costantino's, etc. That way, you can dine outdoors, and if the toddler gets punchy it's not too much to take him for a walk over to the fountain. Bring your own crayons, etc., most of the places have them but it's not a guarantee....I've seen toddlers @ cafe dolce vita as late as 11 pm

          1. We have taken my son a few times to the Providence Oyster bar. We go early (about 6ish) and bring "props"...crayons, toys, matchbox cars, etc. He'll sit there, and the place is loud enough that if there is a meltdown, no one really will notice. It is also more laid back. We recently dined at the place that replaced Gracies (anyone know the name???) in DePasquale Square. Good choice, and the waitresses were really nice to my son (he just turned 2). Also, I noticed that someone mentioned Cafe Dolce Vita - only a good choice in the warmer weather I think. You can sit outside with him, make a night out of music outside, the water fountain,etc...but in cold weather, it is chilly, even though they have heat lamps. Good luck! Trying packing a small container of play dough. Gave us a good 2 hours without a peep! ;)